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HYT timepieces stand at the forefront of horological innovation, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge fluidic technology developed and manufactured by Preciflex SA.

All the originality of HYT watches lies in the specific nature of this time indication: no classic hands, instead the observation of the movement of the two fluids.


The mechanical beating heart gives its power and strength to the precise functioning of the watch. This precision is clear in the reading of the time settings

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How the Bellows Operate

They work in tandem. When one compresses or expands, it either releases or absorbs one of the two immiscible fluids. These fluids are distinctly characterized: one is colored, and the other is transparent.

The Heart of HYT's Fluid Time

Central to the HYT watches are two bellows, which serve as the core components of their unique fluid time system.

Visualizing the Passage of Time

As time progresses, the colored fluid moves through a glass capillary, marking the hours. However, at 06:00, there's a shift. The colored fluid retracts, returning to its original position. This cyclical motion happens twice daily, symbolizing the ever-revolving nature of time. It's a moment that prompts reflection, as the colored liquid, having traced the past 12 hours, resets its course.

The Essence of HYT Watches

The fluidic module offers a visual representation of the passage of time. But the rhythm and precision of this display are driven by a specially developed haute horlogerie mechanical movement. This seamless integration of fluid dynamics and traditional watch mechanics encapsulates the true spirit and innovation of an HYT watch.


Finding a dye with the necessary visibility, esthetics, durability and UV resistance to represent time’s passage led to the sphere of advanced chemistry. Scientific inspiration then found its way into HYT’s own lab, where all dyes used in the timepieces now first see the light of day – and night.


At HYT we refer to the meeting of the two liquids representing time past and time forward, i.e. the present, as a meniscus. Both fluids are prepared well in advance to ensure they’re compatible for lifetime. That means a harmonious union of two individual entities that complement and never compromise each other.


The coating of the capillaries in an HYT watch is one of its most expensive elements. It has the crucial task of ensuring the two liquids, with opposing properties, flow as smoothly as time itself. The coating also has to be fully transparent to enable the visualization of time. This high-tech development taking its inspiration from the semi-conductor industry rises to the occasion on both fronts.

Fluidic module

It took 15 years and much inspiration from the aerospace, medical device and semi-conductor sectors to develop the patented fluidic module. Defying gravity is just one of the challenges the resultant mechanism overcomes. Driven by the fact that time’s flow can’t be stopped, two bellows form its engine. As each one compresses or expands it releases or receives one of the two liquids corresponding to either elapsed or imminent time.

Glass Capillary

The HYT team travelled the world, with stopovers in both art and science, to find suppliers able to curve the 0.8 mm thick glass tubes that trace time’s path in our watches. When the search ended without success, HYT returned home to create their own high-tech machinery to perform this exacting task.


It takes a year to train technicians to fill the capillary of an HYT watch with the two contrasting liquids. The tiniest air bubble could interact with the pressure, compromising the precision of measuring time’s flow, for example at altitude. That’s why we invented dedicated machines and processes to demonstrate our belief that every second counts.

Movement interface

Time’s passage is visualized by a fluidic module; its rhythm comes from a specially developed haute horlogerie mechanical movement. The moment when these two elements meet has to be love at first sight to stand the test of time. The caliber is placed carefully on the bellows by steady, highly skilled hands that know there’s no margin for error and every need for unity.


Twice a day, an HYT watch offers the opportunity to reflect on the 12 precious hours that have just elapsed. Without losing a single second in timekeeping terms, the colored liquid switches to rewind mode when it gets to the end of the capillary and flows back to its original position. This fascinating replay of time’s passage lasts approximately 60 seconds.

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Images and videos related to fluidic technology courtesy of Preciflex SA