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Time flows and only gains meaning through content. So why limit its measurement to indicating the present in isolation, with precise hands or fleeting digital displays? With determination to make a statement, a multidisciplinary think-tank set out to create timepieces that visibly connect the past, present, and future.

The HYT solution is a watch that overcomes the force of gravity to indicate the passage of time with fluids. This advanced technology took inspiration from the philosophy to reflect time’s intrinsic fluidity.


The roots of this concept can be traced back 3,400 years ago to the clepsydras, or water clocks, of the Pharaohs. These "water thieves" moved water from one container to another to measure the elapsed or "stolen" time.

This visual representation of time transition seemed to vanish until 2012 when HYT made a breakthrough, inventing a wristwatch with a patented fluidic module. A colored fluid represents the recent past; a transparent fluid indicates the forthcoming future. Their intersection is the meniscus, symbolising the present.

Today, HYT is a vibrant ecosystem that combines science, high technology, philosophy, art, and design. Located in Neuchâtel, the heart of the traditional Swiss watchmaking region, a dedicated team of 43 individuals brings liquid time to life. Their innovative wristwatches skilfully integrate a mechanical watch movement as the catalyst for fluid propulsion, offering a complete understanding of time, over and over again.

the principle

Two flexible reservoirs with a capillary attached at each end.
One reservoir contains a colored liquid, while the other has a transparent one.
The two reservoirs, located at 06:00 and often referred to as bellows, are crafted from a highly resistant and flexible alloy.
Watchmaking techniques activate the system using a piston that engages the left bellow (the active bellow).
When the active bellow compresses, the opposite one expands, resulting in the movement of the liquids within the capillary.
As hours go by, the colored liquid advances through the capillary.
The meniscus, or the separation point between the two liquids, indicates the current hour.
At 06:00, the colored liquid retreats, resetting to its initial position in a process termed as a ‘rewind’
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