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H1 Titanium black DLC
World Premiere
An encounter between Fine Watchmaking and fluid mechanics
GPHG Innovation Watch Prize
H2 Titanium black DLC
To further integrate fluidics into mechanical watchmaking.
A vision shared by the hydro mechanical horologists and the APRP team (Audemars Piguet Renaud et Papi).
GPHG Official Nomination
Skull RedEyes
Recapturing the essence of time.
The Skull Red Eye is provocative, unique with a bold design.
For the first time Capillary has a different shapre: Skull
H3 Titanium
H3, the linear fluid revolution.
Target : to have for the first time a linear portrayal of time, with no midday and no hands.
The H3 is reinventing the wrist watch.
GPHG Official Nomination
H4 Gotham
The H4 Gotham represents the new generation of HYT skeleton watches. This is also the first piece to have a case made entirely from diabolically rigid 3DTP™ carbon.
H4 Metropolis
H4 Metropolis: a skeleton piece sculptured between shadow and light, a first for HYT – probably in watchmaking as a whole.
The watch is a piece equipped with a mechanical led light source.
Skull Pocket
With the Skull Pocket, HYT is restating its desire to invent the watches of tomorrow and illuminates the pocket watch: a pocket watch,with the skull retrograde fluidic hours indicator and the exclusif mechanical led light source.
Space and time are one !
The minimalist design of the piece focusses the attention on the artistic, spectacular dimensions of the fluid display.
Red Dot award winner
The H1.0 is empowered by three-dimensional transparency.
Viewed from any angle.
Even the side-view of the watch tells the story of time’s passage via cut-out digits embedded in the deep grooves of the case‘s exterior.
The H20 traces and embraces the essence of flow. The new HYT watch offers radical perspectives on time. From the front, it reveals a mesmerizing 3D transparency. Viewed from the side, the digits, markers and directive arrows appear to be floating. A vision shared by the hydro mechanical horologists and the APRP team (Audemars Piguet Renaud et Papi).
Skull 48.8
A new model has now been added to the collection: The Skull 48.8.
The case has been slimmed down from 51 mm to 48.8 mm, perfect for more slender wrists.
A poignant reminder to make the most of life!
The intriguing and captivating presentation of time’s flow is a constant reminder that every second counts. If we focus on time’s flow, now could well last forever.
HYT loves to visualize time moving forward; the H5’s ground-breaking movement is an esthetic and technical leap in the very same direction. The brand new proprietary 501 caliber develop by TEC Group is the epitome of opposites attracting to generate seamless harmony.
Flow infinity
Time became liquid with HYT. With Flow, it is visible both day and night, and on-demand. Under the impressive sapphire crystal, fluids and electric light set the scene.
Flow eternity
The new HYT Flow Eternity comes Uniting light-art and jewellery, the first one stages a dome made of 73 baguette diamonds creating surprising plays of reflections and refractions when illuminated
Hastroid Collection : Now with a slimmer 13.8mm case, central minute hand indication, and lighter weight thanks to new materials and the lastest generation of the fluidic Module.
Moon Runner
Moon Runner Desert: our first Triple calendar in one single axis with a 13mm gigantic moon phase in the center decorated with a Metier D’Art.
conical tourbillon
Conical Tourbillon Infinity Sapphires: 10 years of Watchmaking revolutions. Our hypnotic 30 seconds central conical tourbillon with a unique fluidic mechanical technology. Comprising 750 components meticously verified and assembled by hand. A “choatic” animation of three rotating colored sapphires rotating at different speeds.
GPHG Nominated
T1 Series 5N Gold
Titanium Deep Blue
Titanium slate
Titanium SALMON
Titanium silver


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