HYT HASTROID MEXICO 1/1 : Celebrating 10 Years of HYT in Mexico

With its color coding, the new HASTROID MEXICO 1/1 reinforces the special bond between the Hydro Mechanical Horologists and Mexico, where anti-conformist watchmaking like HYT’s, at the nexus of high watchmaking and fluid mechanics, fell on fertile ground a decade ago.

To celebrate the 2023 Edition of the SIAR Summer Experience and HYT’s 10th Anniversary in this foundational market, the pioneers of fluidic time developed a bespoke luminescence in the colors of the Mexican flag. The dial gains a distinctive legibility, amplifying the edgy sports tech vibe of this one-off creation.

Marking the (re)birth of HYT and a return to the roots for the Hydro Mechanical Horologists behind the brand, the mechanical HASTROID watch was, from the outset, conceived and designed to meet new expectations. The 48mm case, 52.3 mm lug-to-lug and 13.3mm thick, is crafted from noble advanced materials: titanium, titanium and carbon; or from an original alloy of stabilized bronze and carbon, bridging past and future. Ready for any challenge and new adventures, the HASTROID sports a multi-layered case middle that has been subtly openworked, while the watch’s sandwich construction – water-resistant to 30 meters – features a titanium container at its center to afford extra protection for the movement.


HYT Hastroid Mexico, a unique timepiece to celebrate the SIAR Summer Experience

On the occasion of SIAR Summer Experience 2023, held from 13 to 15 June at the Four Seasons in Mexico City, HYT proudly presents a unique timepiece: HASTROID MEXICO 1/1. Besides epitomizing what the brand stands for, this high-tech Haute Horlogerie timepiece expresses a special connection with the host country. The green, white and red luminescent accents on HASTROID MEXICO 1/1 pay homage to the flag of Mexico, a market uniquely receptive to watchmaking innovation: over a decade ago it was the incubator for a bold, inventive, exceptional brand that had just been born in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Its name: HYT.

Inspired and defiant, HYT’s design imposes new codes. An untamable temperament and an unconventional, energizing creativity. At the focus of all thought and action at HYT: the horological product; and total, uncompromising quality. Here, the dial has been extensively reworked to improve legibility, and it now features a large central hand with a sharper-contoured design for enhanced, direct readability of the minutes. The two sub-counters, arranged like instruments on a dashboard, provide essential supplemental information: to the left, the small seconds; to the right, the power reserve. The same attention to clarity and legibility led to a special luminescence treatment in the colors of Mexico, with an emphasis on Pantone 3425C emerald green, specifically developed for this unique timepiece. The unusual Super- LumiNova® array makes the hour markers pop out at night, giving this HASTROID a stunning presence. Just one of so many technical refinements that amplify the seductive appeal of this pioneering watch.

The fluid coursing through the capillary for the retrograde time indication function is red. The components of the hand-wound mechanical movement are subtly revealed through the openworked dial and plate. The caliber of this HASTROID collection was designed by Eric Coudray. The movement’s aesthetics are further enhanced with modern finishes, such as elegant satin-brushed and laser-beaded elements to offer subtle highlights.


About HYT


Founded in 2012, the independent Swiss watch brand HYT introduced an original and exclusive approach to measuring time developed entirely in-house: HYT’s patented mechanical-fluidic technology combines a mechanical movement with a retrograde time indication in which a fluorescent fluid circulates through a system of capillary tubes.

HYT was born just over a decade ago from the dream of introducing fluid mechanics into the time display of a mechanical watch. To this day, the still young independent Swiss watchmaker has remained true to a highly personal philosophy of the art of horology, guided by the ambition to delve deep down to the very origins of time measurement dating several thousand years.

This led HYT to develop an avant-garde technology that uses the energy generated by the watch movement to animate fluid mechanics – fluidic time.

The solution to this complex equation was found by Lucien Vouillamoz. It involves three key elements from the aerospace industry: first, a glass capillary tube measuring 0.8 mm in internal diameter; second, a fluidic module 10,000 times more waterproof than a watch resistant to 10 ATM; and third, a system of bellows measuring a quarter of the thickness of a human hair.

Over the past ten-plus years, HYT has been constantly improving and enhancing the reliability of both its system and its movements. 2023 marks an important milestone as HYT enters a new phase in its development and reaches maturity. HYT timepieces, produced in limited editions, are sophisticated, complex and out of the ordinary, elegantly extravagant. The course is set for uncompromising exclusiveness .

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