Conical Tourbillon

Black Eklipse

10 years of watchmaking revolutions

CHF 335,000.- Excl. Taxes

Conical Tourbillon: 10 years of watchmaking revolutions

The new HYT Conical Tourbillon is a hypnotic, technical response to the promise made by the Neuchâtel company ten years ago: to take high-end watchmaking into the future. A symbiosis between science and the expertise of the finest watchmakers, this mechanical fluidic watch is fitted with a conical tourbillon. Created by master watchmaker Eric Coudray, who took inspiration from the unique inclined balance tourbillon developed by Walter Prendel in 1928, it provides a new solution to improve the stability and performance of the tourbillon.

Ten years old, and a time for a bold approach.

At ten years old, your temperament is fully-formed and the essentials of your character are set. It is an age of boldness and enthusiasm. At ten years old, a child develops a powerful energy which feeds their desire for growth and development. But it is also a phase which allows for more structured experimentation.

Based on this philosophy, the new HYT Conical Tourbillon watch is a return to the purity of the brand’s creative sources, a full expression of its singular character.

It is both animated and sensual thanks to the dual movement effect created by the retrograde fluid hour markers and the turning of the conical tourbillon with its dynamic movements. The HYT Conical Tourbillon is a new form of life, symbolised by the central mechanism at its heart.

On the wrist, the seductive lines and finish of the HYT Conical Tourbillon are beautifully showcased. The piece symbolises a contemporary approach to watch design perfectly combined with the most refined work of the Swiss watchmaking sector’s master craftsmen. A careful eye will spot the sand-blasted and satinised finish of the 701 TC calibre, a hand-wound mechanical movement beating at a frequency of 21,600 vib/h (3 Hz).

More discerning lovers of high-end watchmaking will be interested in the specifications of the suspended tourbillon movement with a spring-balance inclined at 30 degrees to horizontal, the escape wheel at 15 degrees, and a pallet at 23 degrees. This bold technical achievement takes its inspiration directly from the works of German watchmaker Walter Prendel and his inclined balance tourbillon.

When Eric Coudray amplifies Prendel’s tourbillon


The tourbillon is a mechanical device invented by Abraham-Louis Breguet to improve the precision of mechanical watches by counteracting disruptions to the isochronism of the balance caused by Earth’s gravity. The principle is to place the movement’s regulator and escapement in a cage rotating around its own axis in order to obtain a range of vertical positions and ensure mutual compensation and thus release itself from the pull of the Earth.

Watchmakers have been working on perfecting this system for more than two centuries and there are numerous interpretations and variations on the theme, from the original principle patented in 1801 by Abraham-Louis Breguet to Omega’s central tourbillon in 1995.

However, one of the most important steps in the evolution of the tourbillon is not one of the most well-known. This was the development in 1928 of an oblique tourbillon by the German watchmaker Walter Prendel.

In his workshops in Groitzsch, a part of Saxony which is as well-known as Switzerland for the development of cutting-edge watches, Walter Prendel aimed to prove the relevance of his research – based on the theories of master watchmaker Alfred Helwig – into improving the stability and regularity of the rate of his oblique tourbillon with a spring-balance inclined at 30° to horizontal. This would be demonstrated through the creation of a unique pocket watch equipped with his ingenious device, completing one rotation in 6 minutes. A key milestone, this historic watch has not been seen since it was sold at auction in Geneva in 2021.

It was in the early 2020s that master watchmaker Eric Coudray, winner of the Prix Gaïa and familiar with the complex works of Walter Prendel, decided to continue this work to improve the tourbillon, using this oblique tourbillon as his base. Eric Coudray devised his conical tourbillon, which he called the “Cônillon”, a revision and reinterpretation of Prendel’s oblique tourbillon.

Given its advances in contemporary fine watchmaking, it was only logical that HYT would decide to include a tourbillon in the design of the mechanical movement for its new watch. Of course, the independent company turned to Eric Coudray, closely associated with the development of the brand for many years, to help it achieve this.

In the same way that the ebb and flow of the fluids in HYT watches are visible and evident, the capacities of the conical tourbillon can be understood without a magnifying glass or other tools by any discerning watch lover thanks to the unusual dynamic animation.

At the very heart of the dial, where the conical tourbillon completes a clockwise revolution in 30 seconds, there are three spheres rotating at different speeds which are easy to observe: the first completes four turns a minute, the second five turns a minute, and the third six turns a minute, clockwise.

These rotations introduce a particularly bold form of chaos as, paradoxically, they demonstrate the stability of the conical tourbillon’s rate. Any observer would intuitively be tempted to think that their contradictory forces would cause disruption, upsetting the equilibrium, which seems to fly in the face of strict watchmaking logic.

On the contrary, they demonstrate the perfect stabilisation of the rhythm of the tourbillon as, unlike other types of animation which are positioned after the balance in the chain of movement, the animated spheres in the HYT Conical Tourbillon are cut across by the energy produced by the four cylinders in order to reach the regulating organ.

The unconnected, rapid movements of the animated spheres ensure the conical tourbillon keeps perfect time, providing a tangible demonstration of its technical efficiency.

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Tourbillon conique
Conical Tourbillon Close up
Tourbillon conique
Conical Tourbillon Close up


Technology for a revolutionary watch

Timepieces that visibly connect the past, the present and future

HYT timepieces are portable hubs of technical first and fascinations, dedicated to making sense of time in the twenty-first century. Radical is the new relevant.

Technical information

  • Hydro carbon & black coated titanium case (66 parts)
  • Crown in black coated titanium
  • Domed sapphire crystal (box) with anti-reflective coating
  • Black side grids with green background

  • Retrograde fluidic hours
  • Central minutes hand
  • Tourbillon
  • Chaotic animation

  • Mechanical
  • 28'800 Hz
  • 61 Jewels
  • Semi-automatic (with winder)
  • min 32h (power reserver)
  • Finely sandblasted and satin
  • Black coating

  • Black coated brass (39 Parts)
  • 3D black coated appliques, green luminous numbers (Lumicast)
  • Black grid with black background
  • Green liquid inside borosilicate capillary tube

  • Black rubber strap
  • Black Microfibre embossed strap decor
  • Green stitching

  • Black mat minutes hands, white SLN
  • Multicolored spheres
  • All SLN in Lumicast

  • Width 48.00 mm
  • Lenght 52.30 mm
  • Thickness: 25.15 mm
  • Water-resistant 50 meters

  • Buckle
  • simple
  • Black coated titanium
  • Satin & sandblasted finishies

H02759-A; Limited Edition 8 pieces

Conical Tourbillon
Black Eklipse
CHF 335,000.- Excl. Taxes

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