Why chase time when you can make sense of it?

  • Mindful.
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Time’s vital passage

The H2.0 »TIME IS FLUID« puts the core HYT concept of time’s vital passage into words. Circuiting the flange is the sentence »TIME IS FLUID«. This underlines the truth that, as with a linguistic phrase, the fragmentation of time compromises its flow. A three-dimensional design language is the signature of a product committed to presenting time as a spatial entity to be viewed from all angles – and inviting the wearer to do the same. In a contemporary external context, punctuated by digital displays flashing up the now as an isolated piece of information, this piece resolutely and visibly focuses on time’s fluidity.

APRP mechanical movement

Technically and philosophically the H2.0 »TIME IS FLUID« builds a bridge between seeming contradictions. A creative tension between craftsmanship and technology fuels the combination of a patented micro-fluidic module and a specially developed APRP mechanical movement. At a first glance, diamond guilloché decoration on the minute and second discs and the main plate betray the signature of haute horlogerie. A closer look reveals the offset diffusion of the patterns on the counters. The latter emphasizes the respective rhythms and layering of the time units, as well as the powerhouse represented by the regulating bellows.

Heritage and innovation

HYT’s essential design vocabulary is clearly voiced by the H2.0. Time’s flow is expressed by smooth angles, fluid shaping and virtually no straight lines. Its core message is one of balance ¬– between heritage and innovation, warmth and cold, and the past and future that meet in the present. H2.0 »TIME IS FLUID« comes in two versions – one in 18 carats yellow gold (2N) and the other in stainless steel. Both are limited editions. Colored and clear liquids trace the paths of elapsed and pending time respectively, as the ultimate symbols of life. Yours.

  • 18 carats yellow gold (2N), polished and satin finishes
  • Diameter: 51 mm
  • Height: 19.95 mm
  • 18 carats yellow gold (2N) crown
  • Domed sapphire crystal
  • Screw case back sapphire crystal
  • Water-resistant to 30 meters
  • Red fluidic hours
  • Minutes and seconds
  • Crown position indicator (H-N-R)
  • Power reserve (case back)
  • Manual winding mechanical movement, exclusive caliber
  • 21,600 vph, 3 Hz, 28 jewels
  • Microblasted and stainless steel polished bridges with polished and locked internal angles
  • Diamond guilloché main plate in rhodium-plated nickel silver, rhodium-plated bellows
  • 192-hour (8-day) power reserve
HYT’s exclusive patented micro-fluidic module:
  • Borosilicate glass capillary tube, nano-coating interior
  • Multi-layer metal bellows
  • Two immiscible liquids; one transparent, the other one colored with a highly resistant dye
  • Thermal compensator with dedicated bellow and specific liquid
  • High-tech ceramic fluidic restrictors
  • Transmission between movement and fluidic module by conversion of rotation into linear movement using a cam-follower system
  • Isostatic connection of the fluidic system guaranteed by a trident
  • »TIME IS FLUID« skeleton ring, green lacquered interior
  • Diamond guilloché minute dial, gold treatment, cabochon markers, minutes hand with C7 Super-LumiNova®
  • Diamond guilloché seconds dial, grey treatment, seconds hand with C7 Super-LumiNova®
  • Red “HNR” hand

Translucent grey rubber, titanium folding buckle


251-GD-465-RF-RU; Limited edition of 20 pieces

Suggested retail price

USD 125,000.-

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H2.0 Time is fluid

In a world ruled by immediacy, time is a precious commodity that no one seems to own. The H2.0 »TIME IS FLUID« by HYT turns this apparent dilemma into meaningful reassurance by giving time context. This innovative timepiece accepts, visualizes and celebrates the flow of time. Never claiming to be its keeper, it uses fluid technology to turn the interplay of the past, present and future into a canvas for individualized content.

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