It’s time to HYT the road

It’s time to HYT the road

This autumn, we start the season with a worldwide tour introducing HYT’s new

H1 Colorblock collection !

Tour dates :

- Latin America Roadshow, October 8 – November 11

- China Roadshow, October 10-14

- Mexico, SIAR , October 18-20

- New York City - October 24-26

- A Journey Through Time, Kuala Lumpur, November 4-13

- Dubai Watch Week, November 15-19

- Master of Luxury Amsterdam, December 10-11

Please let us know if you will be in any of these great cities, we’d be delighted to send you an invitation to attend !

Stay tuned on via #hytslive or better still… please visit us if you are in any of these great cities !