H0 : #codesource

H0 : #codesource

All life on earth is dependent on fluids.

Going back to basics means going straight to the very essence. By taking as its focus the visual and emotional possibilities of time flowing as a fluid, HYT allowed watchmaking to enter the new millennium, whilst continuing to root its creative process in the very origins of time measurement. this manifesto has been further extended with the new Ho from HYT which, with the purity of its lines, encapsulates the very idea of a source code...

A fraction of the bellows is revealed through drop- shape openings in the surface of the dial. By basing the volume of the Ho on the circle, the droplet, and waves, HYT reinforces its belief in the fundamental principle that space and time are one. these primal curves are themselves inspired by a pebble, worn smooth by water from a mountain stream.

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