H² 0 »TIME IS FLUID« : Mindful. Modern. Meaningful.

In a world ruled by immediacy, time is a precious commodity that no one seems to own. The H²0 »TIME IS FLUID« by HYT turns this apparent dilemma into meaningful reassurance by giving time context. This innovative timepiece accepts, visualizes and celebrates the flow of time. Never claiming to be its keeper, it uses fluid technology to turn the interplay of the past, present and future into a canvas for individualized content. Why chase time when you can make sense of it?

The H²0 »TIME IS FLUID« puts the core HYT concept of time’s vital passage into words. Circuiting the flange is the sentence »TIME IS FLUID«. This underlines the truth that, as with a linguistic phrase, the fragmentation of time compromises its flow. A three-dimensional design language is the signature of a product committed to presenting time as a spatial entity to be viewed from all angles – and inviting the wearer to do the same. In a contemporary external context, punctuated by digital displays flashing up the now as an isolated piece of information, this piece resolutely and visibly focuses on time’s fluidity.

Technically and philosophically the H²0 »TIME IS FLUID« builds a bridge between seeming contradictions. A creative tension between craftsmanship and technology fuels the combination of a patented micro-fluidic module and a specially developed APRP mechanical movement. At a first glance, diamond guilloché decoration on the minute and second discs and the main plate betray the signature of haute horlogerie. A closer look reveals the offset diffusion of the patterns on the counters. The latter emphasizes the respective rhythms and layering of the time units, as well as the powerhouse represented by the regulating bellows.

HYT’s essential design vocabulary is clearly voiced by the H²0. Time’s flow is expressed by smooth angles, fluid shaping and virtually no straight lines. Its core message is one of balance ¬– between heritage and innovation, warmth and cold, and the past and future that meet in the present. H²0 »TIME IS FLUID« comes in two versions – one in 18 carats yellow gold (2N) and the other in stainless steel. Both are limited editions. Colored and clear liquids trace the paths of elapsed and pending time respectively, as the ultimate symbols of life. Yours.

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The latest H4 : Enlightened. Energized. Polarized.

Dissolving apparent contradictions drives HYT. The latest H4 watches shed even more light on this intrinsic fascination with making the paradoxical meaningful. These colorful new timepieces remain loyal to the brand’s fil rouge of showcasing the power of the past and future to assign the present context and content. At the same time, they add a striking new dimension to the combined energy of two potentially polemic opposites – light and liquid – with the smallest dynamo ever invented, patent pending. There’s an instant of tension when creativity succeeds in replacing an enigma with enlightenment. The new H4 watches were born of such a moment.

HYT is a master of directing relevant encounters between art and science, bringing together horology with fluidics by visualizing time’s passage with immiscible liquids. The H4 builds on this foundation to explore the tension between day and night, mindful that time’s flow never sleeps. Illumination comes from the first mechanical source ever designed for an haute horlogerie complication. The exploration of new territories in miniaturization and component curvature enabled the in-house development of a micro-generator. This sources light from two LEDs without any support from electronics or batteries.

Bauhaus boldness enlivens a canvas of black and silver metal components in four eye-catching H4 limited editions. Three focus on red, green and blue respectively. A fourth family member adds a touch of yellow to these in a stunning multicolored statement. As the fluorescent nano-particles in the transparent composite dials catch the light, each of the surface’s tiny perforations transforms into a light source in itself. Adding its signature to the paradoxical perfection of these timepieces is the seamless combination of an exclusive mechanical movement and patented fluidic module. Even the bi-material strap in rubber and technical fabric shows that opposites attract, act and interact.

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THE H2.0 : Grounded. Sensual. Transparent.

For the creation of the H20, time travel became the destination. This inspiring journey to explore the roots of the notion of time recalled the Clepsydras of ancient Greece, which indicated time’s passage by the movement of liquid from one vessel to another. It also took in the very first observations of the earth’s roundness made by scientists, philosophers and mathematicians around 600 BC. Four thousand years later, the radical, confidently contemporary H20 in brown has landed. Using the earth’s primary color, its domed, three-dimensional design and mechanically mastered fluid operation confirm that time’s flow is what keeps all worlds turning.

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The latest H2.0 : Sculpted. Enigmatic. Architectural.

In these two new limited editions of the H20, the three-dimensional quality of the design acquires additional visual tension. A striking contrast between black diamond-like carbon coating and the domed crystal hosting apparently floating digits. The whole presents an architectural entity, tempting the eye to take a new perspective on time – and watchmaking. As blue or red liquid trace the path of time's recent journey, clear fluid beyond the meniscus in the capillary creates curiosity at what potentially lies ahead.

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The latest Skull 48.8: Present. Haunting. Vital.

Still life is never about life standing still. Just like an element of one of those beautifully haunting paintings, the HYT Skull 48.8 has carpe diem on its mind. This distinctive timepiece continually reminds of the importance of seizing every second. Highlighting time’s passage using liquids, it focuses on the power of the present, the very elixir of life.

The charismatic protagonist of this mesmerizing staging of time’s flow is a skull-shaped capillary. A patented fluidic module and exclusive mechanical calibre bring this to life. Colored liquid symbolizes reflection, while its transparent counterpart speculates reservedly on the future. Their meniscus meeting point precisely depicts the vital now. The broad eyes on the dial of the Skull 48.8 intimidate intentionally, prompting onlookers to take a closer look at how they themselves are spending their time. Behind the right eye is a rotating disc expressing the passing of each precious second as it fades from dark to pale. Placing time’s essential momentum center stage, the counting of the minutes moves backstage, eliminating the need for a minute hand.

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Fluid Time, by Grégory Dourde

The history of fluidic horology began 3,400 years ago with the clepsydras, or water clocks, of the Pharaohs. These so-called "water thieves" transported water from one container to another to measure elapsed or "stolen" time. This fluidic visualization of the transition of time reappeared in 2012, when HYT Watches introduced a wristwatch incorporating a patented fluidic module and a mechanical watch movement to trigger the fluids propulsion. A colored liquid documents the recent past, a transparent liquid indicates the foreseeable future, and their meniscus (meeting point) is the current time.

Today HYT Watches and Preciflex (its sister company mastering microfluidic technologies) form an ecosystem that unites science, hi-technology, philosophy, art and design. Based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, a multi-disciplinary team makes liquid time real time. On June 4, 2018, meeting of the Horological Society of New York, Grégory Dourde, CEO of HYT Watches and Preciflex, have retraced the historical origins of the time measurement with fluids and will explain the numerous scientific challenges and the creative solutions that brought this unique horological project to life.

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H0 Querétaro : Impressive. Connective. Refreshing.

Liquid is vital – to be carried with care across the bridges of time. The H0 Querétaro, and the Mexican aqueduct that inspired its design, have both treated this task with the utmost respect. Reflecting the commitment of the eighteenth century masterpiece to bring drinking water to thirsty citizens, the contemporary timepiece uses fluids to mirror HYT’s essential fascination with time’s transience. The H0 Querétaro is a feast for the eyes and sustenance for the soul.

Just as a sideways glance at one of the aqueduct’s 74 arches stretching some 30 meters skywards is breathtaking, so is one at the watch’s 18.7 mm high case. Why? The H0 Querétaro exclusive limited edition has a pure white outline of the iconic aqueduct’s arches circuiting the side of its black case. Vibrant green fluid flows above this beautifully suggested structure, measuring recently elapsed time on its almost circular journey. Anchoring the inspiration is a black dial with a green map of Querétaro province floating above the two partially visible bellows of the patented fluidic module. Even the black rubber strap is patterned with its own replication of a precisely orchestrated rainshower.

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H0 x Arab Watch Club : Mythical. Magical. Mesmerizing.

In the desert, precipitation is a rare gift. For watch lovers, HYT’s liquid time is also a coveted treasure. The H0 x Arab Watch Club is an exclusive, numbered limited edition, developed for Arab Watch Club members in collaboration with Hassan Akhras, the club’s founder. Its design language whispers wind-sculpted sand dunes, golden light and sun-kissed metal surfaces. Expressing the soul of the H0, with its absorption of the fluidity of time, are liquids, detail and an additional rubber strap in the brightest blue. The dryness of the desert encounters the freshness of fluid time in a watch that welcomes the winds of change.

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HYT H0 wins a Red Dot Award for Product Design

The independent, international jury of the prestigious Red Dot Award has announced the HYT H0 timepiece as one of its 2018 winners. This unique union between fluid technology and the flow of time, with its patented fluidic module, impressed with its high design quality among submissions from 59 countries. The prize will be presented at a special gala in Essen on July 9, 2018. This date also marks the opening of a related exhibition in the city’s Red Dot Design Museum, the largest museum for contemporary design worldwide. The H0 Black will feature in the Red Dot Design Yearbook, on https://red-dot-21.com and in the accompanying app. HYT is proud that the product it regards as the purest expression of its technical expertise and philosophy on time’s passage has achieved this best-in-class status.

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H0 X Eau Rouge: Radical. Integral. Vital.

All life on planet earth is dependent on fluids. This scientifically proven truth lies at the very heart of the H0 X Eau Rouge by HYT. In this high-tech timepiece, the color red alludes to the very essence of life, with its three primary functions of transporting, protecting and regulating. The H0 X Eau Rouge presents a live performance of the passage of time in the now, with a red and a clear immiscible liquid symbolizing two primary sources of life. A patented micro-fluidic module co-stars with an exclusive mechanical caliber to mirror the unstoppable fluidity of time, the vital source of the HYT brand.

In the H0 X Eau Rouge, the essential inspiration of flowing liquid finds clear expression in form and function. Its overall shape resembles an exquisite pebble that moving water has smoothed to perfection over time. A cloche-like sapphire glass swells the necessary function of protection into a beautiful, water-inspired form and transporter of transparency. Concave counters on the gently curved dial suggest the outward motion caused by descending droplets of water breaking the surface tension.

The color of energy and passion runs through the entire design of the H0 X Eau Rouge, anchoring it to timeless natural truths and transient trends. Red rubber straps, red minute and second hands and stainless steel crowns sheathed in red contrast dynamically with 48.8 mm cases in two shades of grey. One is stainless steel with an alluring gleam; the other is DLC anthracite stainless steel with an urban edge. Ensuring that life goes on is a power reserve of 65 hours. A river is always purest at its source – an HYT timepiece too.

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Skull 48.8: A poignant reminder to make the most of life!

The Skull collection has been enhanced with a more compact model, but its message still resonates now more than ever. The Skull, with its new 48.8 mm case, is available in two versions, the first made entirely from pink gold and the second from contrasting gold and black DLC titanium. Both have a patinated skull, underscoring the fact that life is precious.

The Skull has been an iconic HYT timepiece since 2015. Its boldness pushes the boundaries for a brand that stands out from the crowd, starting with its fluid time display. Every feature of the Skull is designed to act as a "memento mori", a reminder that life is short and you must seize every moment. It is a symbol of life rather than of death. Just like the fluids which, driven by two flexible reservoirs, progress inside the capillary to mark the passage of time. Without liquid, no life is possible. There would be no timekeeping either: this process began with the first water clocks (or "clepsydras"), over three thousand years ago. As a 21st-century clepsydra, the HYT is a philosophical instrument. Even more so when it takes the form of a bold skull with hollow eyes.

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H0 FEEL THE HYT edition: Hot. Holistic. Hypnotic.

The heat is on for ardent lovers of HYT timepieces. Exclusively available in the HYT Pop Up Store Miami Design District, the H0 FEEL THE HYT edition is unfazed by rising temperatures. A patented thermal compensator inside every HYT watch ensures that liquid expansion due to temperature variation never gets in the way of time’s fluidity. An horological complication in its own right, this breakthrough technology connects art and science without any risk of getting its fingers burned. Red, the color of fire, and 18k gold with 2N purity, reflecting the power of the sun, work their magic on a creation that instantly puts Miami on watch aficionados’ radars.

  • HYT Pop Up Store Miami Design District
  • 3818 NE 2ND AV, 33137 MIAMI
  • +1 786 773 3445

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The latest H0 : Sophisticated. Self-assured. Sleek.

Gold is the perfect commodity to share the intrinsic HYT fascination with time’s fluidity. Born of a harmonious union of tradition and modernity, the H0 Gold celebrates this precious metal’s immaculate journey from the jewels of antiquity, to unsurpassed energy conduction in the digital age. Archaeology meets the laboratory in a watch design that states self-confidence, offering wearers a clear perspective on exactly where they are, right now.

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Discover the new H²0 Collection

The visible H²0 timing concept is rooted in the continuous movement of a colored and a transparent fluid in a capillary. Like a flourishing river, time never stands still. This technology reflects that core philosophy. A cloche-like sapphire crystal offers an intriguing lateral view of time’s progress. It takes the memory to the pristine equipment of a science laboratory and the imagination to the protective display of a precious item, in this case time. Viewed from the side, the digits, markers and directive arrows appear to be floating. Yet their anchor is pure precision.

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HYT X Alinghi, Act 3

H1 Alinghi – Boats and Time fly together with the best technologies!

The third watch to come from its partnership with the yacht racing team, the H1 Alinghi is the most technically advanced and edgy of the trilogy. Available, once more, as a limited edition (20 pieces), it is the height of understatement, efficiency, and performance.

"It is the most technically advanced of the models resulting from our partnership with Alinghi". For Grégory Dourde, CEO of HYT, the creation which celebrates three years of partnership with the yacht racing team is not to be taken lightly. It looks like no other. The H1 Alinghi is returning to its yachting roots: following the H4 (2015) and H2 (2016), it is now the most technically advanced piece, borrowing more elements from the boats which inspired it.

On-site immersion

Another special feature of this model is that it results from a long process to assimilate Alinghi's signature design. "We visited the shipyards where the team prepares its multihull craft", explained Grégory Dourde. "We observed how the yachts were built, their unfinished and assembled components, their functions, their positioning.... Many of these elements found their way into the piece".

Without a doubt, the most striking of these is the rigging which criss-crosses the lower half of its dial. Custom-designed, it passes through four eyelets on the flange, before being secured to three central eyelets; with precision, nothing left to chance, a preoccupation shared by yacht and watchmaking.

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H0 Blue Night

The HYT adventure is intimately intertwined with Chronopassion’s and more precisely with its founder, Laurent Picciotto, who was one of the first to participate in the grand adventure of liquid time.

The strong bonds of friendship that unite HYT and Chronopassion have produced the H0 Blue Night, a watch that will be exclusively available from the famous Parisian retailer.

An association between these two companies is completely natural. Chronopassion, tireless seeking out the latest trends, never stops modernising its strategy in the face of an ever-changing watch industry. HYT on the other hand, possesses a unique expertise in the production of timepieces using fluid technology and the limitless field of expression that comes along with it.

The H0 collection, unveiled during Baselworld 2017, is enjoying a highly successful start. The piece focuses one’s attention on the fluids using a sapphire glass dome which magnifies them and makes the fluids visible from all angles. Highlight by a pure design, the hours can be read thanks to a continuously moving blue column of liquid, that represents time flowing by. A Super-LumiNova® coating on the underside of the glass tube that houses the liquid, allows time to be read at night. The minutes are displayed by a hand placed at 12h and the seconds on a small indicator placed at 9h. The cut-out placed at 2h allows the power reserve level to be read.

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#HYTNovelty : H4 X Panis-Barthez Compétition

The H4 Panis-Barthez Compétition is a high-tech timekeeping instrument which delivers outstanding performance in all environments, both day and night. In this timepiece, a green fluid loaded with fluorescent nanoparticles moves inside a jet black case, framed with a notched bezel in satin-finished titanium.

HYT and Panis-Barthez Compétition have designed the centre of the watch to express all the power of the endurance racing world, by picking up the colours of the steering wheels on their cars. The seconds indicator and the power reserve are therefore adorned with blue, red and green. The minute track is topped with a sapphire bridge, over which passes a red hand, guaranteeing the high level of legibility demanded of sports watches. Each bridge on the H4 is cut out to reduce its weight, just like a race car.

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H4 X Panis-Barthez Compétition

Viva la Vida !

Only five "Skull Vida" pieces will be released in HYT's most restricted limited edition ever.

Its dial is shaped like a skull and is crafted from Siberian mammoth ivory. This living material had to undergo a stabilisation phase over the course of several months. It was sculpted and embedded in the Skull Vida thanks to a series of particularly delicate operations carried out by specially trained artisans. Each dial is completely unique and offers different textures, variations and designs.

HYT's Skull was entirely redesigned to highlight the properties of the mammoth ivory as much as possible.

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H4 Neo

Defying the laws of watchmaking

The H4 Neo is a piece equipped with a light source. Under the dome at 6 o'clock, HYT has concealed two purple LEDs. Once activated, they flood the entire dial with light. At night, the fluorescent colored fluid and the transparent composite dial loaded with fluorescent nano particles are energized by this light source, becoming supremely striking.

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H0 : #codesource

All life on earth is dependent on fluids.

Going back to basics means going straight to the very essence. By taking as its focus the visual and emotional possibilities of time flowing as a fluid, HYT allowed watchmaking to enter the new millennium, whilst continuing to root its creative process in the very origins of time measurement. this manifesto has been further extended with the new Ho from HYT which, with the purity of its lines, encapsulates the very idea of a source code...

A fraction of the bellows is revealed through drop- shape openings in the surface of the dial. By basing the volume of the Ho on the circle, the droplet, and waves, HYT reinforces its belief in the fundamental principle that space and time are one. these primal curves are themselves inspired by a pebble, worn smooth by water from a mountain stream.

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#SIHH2017: HYT illuminates the Skull Pocket

HYT has unveiled its first ever pocket watch, the Skull Pocket. A new case, the first ever Skull and mechanical light source combination, exclusive finishes, and just 8 pieces available: the Skull Pocket marks a turning point in HYT's development.

With the Skull Pocket, HYT is restating its desire to invent the watches of tomorrow, using the knowledge of the past and the science of today. The pocket watch, one of the most noble legacies of traditional watchmaking, has become a new playground and means of expression for HYT. It exudes an "art de vivre" which is both contemporary and unconventional, embodied by this rare, interactive piece.

The fluid technology integrated in HYT's Skull Pocket sits perfectly with all the lines of the traditional mechanical watch, bringing these into the 21st century. This ability to take fine watchmaking far beyond its conventional horizons is one of the reasons why HYT has just joined the very exclusive circle of partner brands of the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie.

Scaling up

The Skull Pocket is available in a limited release of 8 pieces. It is one of HYT's richest creations. For the first time, the light source module developed for its Metropolis model has been combined with a Skull.

This module has two LEDs positioned underneath the rider at 6 o'clock. The micro-generator which activates them has been integrated into the case. It works by converting mechanical power into electricity. A barrel spring is loaded when the dedicated push-button crown at 4:30 is turned. Pressing this push-button crown then releases the spring and turns the micro-generator at very high speeds, creating the electricity needed to activate the two LEDs. This bathes the Skull Pocket in a soft blue light, and gives the green liquid its fluorescent glow.

The light lasts for around five seconds, after which the mechanism needs to be reinitialised. No batteries or electronics are required for this function as the process is completely mechanical. Developing this patented assembly, which comprises no fewer than 82 components, was a particularly painstaking task due to its extreme miniaturisation and its curved shape.

Haute couture exterior

The assembly sits within a 59 mm case which was specially created for the Skull Pocket, made from titanium and black DLC titanium. In place of the lugs, HYT has developed an exclusive cover system to protect the dial. Articulated by a hinge at 12 o'clock, it is triggered by the iconic rider at 6 o'clock, which has become one of the brand's aesthetic hallmarks. The cover features an engraved pattern with leather inserts, and can be fully customised.

When pressed gently downwards, this rider releases the cover, unveiling the Skull Pocket dial. For the first time, the skull is completely faceted in a contemporary design, subtly reflecting the light in an echo of the Clous de Paris stud finish which surrounds it.

At night, the light emanates instantly, producing a soft blue glow which floods the case and causes the coloured liquid charged with fluorescent dye to react. The time can be read intuitively around the circumference of the skull, via indices with Arabic numerals filled with SuperLuminova. The seconds are displayed in the left eye and the power reserve in the right eye. The piece is attached to a titanium chain specially designed for the Skull Pocket. Its faceted structure, which alternates polished and satin finishes, was designed to evoke the aesthetic of the skull, in a tangible extension of its spirit.

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Skull Pocket:
HYT illuminates the pocket watch

HYT unveils its first ever pocket watch, the Skull Pocket. A new case, the first ever Skull and mechanical light source combination, exclusive finishes, and just 8 pieces available: the Skull Pocket marks a turning point in the development of HYT's fluid-based watchmaking technology.

“Our initial goal was to delight our collectors with a highly exclusive limited edition piece. But what ground have we not yet broken? The answer came immediately, and was so obvious that no-one would ever expect us to attempt it: our first pocket watch".

This statement from Vincent Perriard, co-founder of HYT, confirms the philosophy that the brand has always followed: inventing the watches of tomorrow, using the knowledge of today and the expertise of the past.

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The aesthetic features of the H1 Ghost play on this duality. Day and night, shadow and light constantly contrast. The black DLC titanium case presents alternating brushed, micro-blasted and satin-finished finishes, but their intense black only serves to better reflect the light.

The H1 Ghost has been designed around a new black fluid that does not emit or reflect any light. However, the H1 Ghost can be read in the dark; HYT developed a unique use of Super-LumiNova: the material illuminates the capillary from underneath along its entire translucent stretch, beyond the black fluid.

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#BreakingNews : HYT is now part of the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie

HYT joins the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie

Today, HYT is proud to announce its admittance to the group of partner brands of the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie (FHH). By rewriting the Haute Horlogerie rulebook and boldly reinventing its traditions, without ever compromising on excellence, HYT has earned its place in Haute Horlogerie perimeter as defined by the Foundation. The relationship between HYT and the FHH is set to flourish even further.

``We are delighted that the FHH has chosen to recognise our innovative, non-conformist and creative nature, a creativity which is still expressed within the strict framework of Haute Horlogerie``, explains Grégory Dourde, CEO of HYT. ``In theory, integrating fluid technology in a mechanical watch was akin to trying to unite two opposing worlds. However, we achieved it and today, HYT employs around 48 staff working on five permanent collections - about 400 pieces a year. For the entire team, which has overcome so much, and for all of our customers, who have believed in us for the last five years, it is both an endorsement and an incentive to forge ahead in our quest to invent the watches of the future``.

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It’s time to HYT the road

This autumn, we start the season with a worldwide tour introducing HYT’s new

H1 Colorblock collection !

Tour dates :

- Latin America Roadshow, October 8 – November 11

- China Roadshow, October 10-14

- Mexico, SIAR , October 18-20

- New York City - October 24-26

- A Journey Through Time, Kuala Lumpur, November 4-13

- Dubai Watch Week, November 15-19

- Master of Luxury Amsterdam, December 10-11

Please let us know if you will be in any of these great cities, we’d be delighted to send you an invitation to attend !

Stay tuned on instagram.com/hytwatches via #hytslive or better still… please visit us if you are in any of these great cities !

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Discover the H1 Colorblock Collection

HYT is celebrating its 3rd anniversary. Having made its mark on 21st century watchmaking, the brand is now laying a colourful milestone: the Colorblock collection.

Fun, color, pleasure. Three words; one theme? To celebrate this anniversary, we wanted to please our fans and play around a bit with what we have created, starting with our first baby - the H1. It's an opportunity to offer enthusiasts an exclusive version of this iconic model, incorporating unique conditions. Yellow, blue and red are the three colors featured in the Colorblock collection. The colors are in tune with the spirit of HYT: imposing, fresh, explosive and uncompromising. The colors feature on the dial, the flange and the strap.

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HYT extends its warranty to 5 years

To celebrate its 3rd anniversary, HYT has decided to offer something different to its customers: from 1st July 2016, each new HYT watch will have its warranty extended from 3 years to 5 years. In addition to this, pieces purchased before this date will also have their warranties retroactively extended by an additional two years.

Beyond the gesture, we also wanted to make sure all of our customers could benefit from the technological advances we have implemented. We wanted to thank our visionary customers who share our passion for creating a new kind of watchmaking and who have believed in us right from the start. Offering an extra two years on the warranty is our gift to those who reaffirm their commitment to us every day.

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HYT is proud to launch a new service : "HYT BESPOKE".

The goal of the HYT Bespoke team is to meet specific and unique requests of collectors who have their own, personal creative vision. HYT Bespoke offers solutions ranging from personalisation options to the creation of ultra-exclusive and unique pieces.

All of HYT's artistic, scientific and technological expertise are channelled into these one-off creations.

Each project of this type is built around a dialog. Intense, exclusive, it must capture the essence of the customer's expectations and personality. Depending on the request, creative meetings are held, along with visits to HYT's laboratories to allow the customer to discover in detail the full potential of HYT and its ecosystem – a marriage of creativity and engineering. The customer thus enjoys a truly immersive experience throughout the development of his or her watch, from manufacture right through to fitting.

Complete confidentiality is guaranteed for those customers who desire it.

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Download « HYT WORLD » App & Visit the HYT’s Laboratory & Workshop in Switzerland

We are delighted to announce HYT has launched its new « HYT WORLD » APP available from Apple Store and Google Play.

Download the APP, take the Quiz and win a trip to Switzerland !

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Turn off the lights !

Will Laurent Picciotto, equipped with his H4 Metropolis, dare to shut down the City of Light ? Watch our video to find out !

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It’s alive!

Meet with our Dr. Frankenstein - HYT and Laurent Picciotto (Chronopassion) pay tribute to the 200 years of Mary Shelley's masterpiece : Frankenstein or the new Prometheus.

No need to say more, discover the video starring the H3 (unveiled during the Baselworld 2015) and Laurent Picciotto.

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H1 Air collection: an airborne H1 family takes flight

The 3 H1 Air pieces can hardly keep their feet on the ground! To begin with, they arrive together as non-identical triplets the first time HYT unveils a complete collection of limited pieces in one shot.

Secondly, the pieces explore unchartered territory such as the maritime world or camouflage. But the third and most surprising aspect to the air collection is that HYT presents its first classical piece! Are the enfants terribles of Hydro-Mechanics growing up?

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RC44 celebrates its 10 years with HYT alongside

HYT and Russell Coutts are not only partners. Since 2015 the creator of the RC44 monohull is present on all the seas hoisting their synergies for all to see. HYT is the only hydro mechanical watch and the natural partner for this monohull that is so prestigious that it has its own RC44 Championship Tour. It is the 10 year anniversary of these races that HYT would like to hail.

"Some people offer flowers, some people offer cakes at birthday. We thought we'd develop a new H4 for Russell".

The new H4 RC44 unites all the maritime codes of this race: blue liquid, technical design, the same colour codes of the regatta and an ultra-light carbon case like the RC44's hull. And the last detail that we will only see at HYT: A seconds wheel that emulates the golden bar that the monohull raises when it is winning.

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H2 Alinghi: HYT sets sail once more!

For the second year of their partnership, HYT and Alinghi hoist their sails even higher with the H2 Alinghi which follows in the wake of the H4 Alinghi. ‘It’s a very successful twosome – just like the Alinghi team, twice winner of the America’s Cup’, says Vincent Perriard, Member of the board & co-founder of HYT.

For the first time in its history, HYT has built an H2 with a full untreated titanium case. This is also the very first H2 to feature the new black liquid, unveiled at the beginning of the year. The H2’s caliber has been suitably adapted: for the first time, it’s been crafted in two-tone black and grey; above it glides a brand new central minutes hand, drawing inspiration from marine-style hands.

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Swiss Pioneers of Groundbreaking Fluid Technology

Swiss based HYT SA (HYT) and Preciflex SA (Preciflex) announced today they had successfully raised CHF23 million for the launch of a new suite of Swiss made products that are expected to be available on the market within 36 months.

Investors included the founders and existing shareholders, together with Mr. Peter Brabeck-Letmathe and a Swiss-based private asset management company as a strategic anchor investor. Beat C. Burkhardt, President and CEO of Tetral SA will join the Board of HYT and Fulvio Maccarone, Head of Private Investments of Tetral SA will join the Board of Preciflex.

The young Swiss companies initially set out to raise CHF15 million but, due to the level of interest from potential investors, decided to increase the amount of the capital raising. Co- Founder and Board Member of HYT and Preciflex, Emmanuel Savioz, commented ‘We knew we had the right idea, the right business model and the right people to make it happen. What we needed to bring the development and deployment of our technology to the next step was more financing and in doing so, we were fortunate enough to attract the right partners too.’

Co-Founder and Chairman of HYT and Preciflex, Patrick Berdoz, added ‘this is a singular opportunity for us to develop, grow and expand and we thank all our partner investors for this exceptional vote of confidence in our companies and in our people.’

The groundbreaking fluid technology is currently available in the luxury independent watch industry with HYT’s disruptive and innovative mechanical timepieces that use liquid to indicate the time. Launched in 2012, HYT’s watches are available in 69 points of sale worldwide. HYT was awarded “Best Innovative Watch” of the year by the Grand Prix de l’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) in 2012. This Series C Financing will enable HYT to launch a new proprietary and powerful movement allowing case size reduction in addition to the introduction of multiple fluidic indications.

Preciflex has various applications in the fields of micro and meso-fluidic that can be utilised in industries as diverse as the horological, automotive or medical sectors. This Series C Financing will accelerate the development of a new fluidic watch for a wider market at different price points in addition to a new type of fluidic jewellery. The trademarked technology opens an unprecedented era of creativity in both these markets and it is expected that the new products will either be launched with strategic players or through a sister company under a new brand.

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Skull Bad Boy: Dark side of the Skull

Skull. Bad. Boy.

Need we say more? The name really says it all. Its appearance speaks volumes, yet masks a stunning complexity. There's more to the skull than meets the eye!

One would naturally assume that the starting point for the Skull Bad Boy was the skull itself, unveiled by HYT in 2015. Not so. The creative impetus actually came from the new liquid which surrounds it. This is not a simple aesthetic variation. This opaque black, so simple to look at, took more than 12 months to develop.

To go with this new black liquid, HYT wanted to create a skull with the distinctive appearance of Damascus steel, used for knives and Samurai swords. The dial comprises two half-moons decorated with the Clous de Paris stud pattern. Its indexes are created in a Gothic font, complementing the Skull Bad Boy's hard rock look.

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As « all things come in threes », HYT welcomes its latest « Friend of the Brand », the Australian motorsports racer, Peter Hackett

A year ago, HYT introduced its very first Ambassador, Jean-Eric Vergne from the motorsports industry and competing as a racing driver at the FIA Formula E. At the beginning of the year, HYT reinforced its position in the racing industry by launching its partnership with Peter Li Zhi Cong, the young FIA F3 racer from China. Today, we are happy to announce our latest addition to our racing family, Australian Friend of the Brand Chief Driving Instructor of Mercedes AMG GT3, Peter Hackett.

HYT is honored to count on Peter Hackett into its growing « Friends of the Brand » band. Vincent Perriard explained that Peter is a huge fan of the brand and, more importantly, he is a proud owner of an HYT watch, the H1 Titanium Black DLC that he bought long time before discussing about this partnership. Peter perfectly knows the brand as a final customer and he completely falls for the complexity of our products. « This kind of association is just unique for a brand. « Indeed, to have your final client as your Ambassador is the best thing a brand can imagine to have » Perriard said.

As Peter Hackett insistes on the video the brand posted on its social media, Hackett loves innovation, science, passion and technology, it’s why he chose the HYT’s Skull Green Eye for testing it during its daily life and during a year fully planned of races.

The two-time Australian GT runner-up is among the first to import Mercedes’ new GT3 challenger to form a new team to contest the 2016 Australian GT Championship.

Just like HYT, Vergne and Li Zhi Cong, Hackett is also fascinated by mechanics and, above all, for technical excellence.

HYT is delighted to support Peter Hackett during his Eggleston Motor Sport Customer Sports Racing AMG GT3 for the 2016 season.

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Rule breaking independent Swiss ultra luxury watch brand cements its presence in Kuala Lumpur luxury mall, Starhill Gallery with a permanent store of over 1200sqft.

Stratospheric growth

HYT burst onto the scene in 2012 with a fluid technology that revolutionised the horological world. Never before had timepieces used fluids to display the time.

After only 3 full years of activity, the Neuchatel based company offers its customers a palette of 5 very different collections available in 69 points of sales around the globe.

HYT’s South East Asia Hub

In October 2014, HYT opened a hub in Singapore a strategic decision to go to the very heart of one of its most important customer base, South East Asia. The Singapore hub serves as the region’s head quarters and supports the brand’s growth in key markets resulting today in points of sales in Singapore, Jakarta and until now a pop-up store in Kuala Lumpur in addition to points of sales in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

HYT’s first eponymous boutique

The boutique in Starhill Gallery replaces the temporary store HYT opened in October 2014. A stark yet luxurious space, it offers its customers an insight into HYT’s world of fluid technology.

‘We have a fantastic location in Starhill Gallery Adorn Floor and wanted to make the most of it.’ says HYT Artistic Director Xavier Casals. ‘1200sqft of blank page was an amazing opportunity for us! We gave a lot of thought to the design and wanted to offer everyone who steps into the space an opportunity to live the HYT experience which is more than just about watches but embodies innovation, technology and the ability to dare and to achieve the impossible. We hope our customers like it.’

Partnership with Starhill Gallery

Vincent Perriard HYT CEO added ‘Starhill Gallery epitomises luxury and sophistication and we are very happy to be here. Starhill Gallery is an established institution and a trusted source of inspiration that, in the challenging and competitive industry of luxury fashion, adroitly position the brands it houses’.

‘With the opening of our permanent boutique we cement the presence we already had with our temporary store and signal our commitment to this market.’ Perriard concluded.

YTL Corporation Berhad Group Managing Director Tan Sri (Dr.) Francis Yeoh said, ‘Starhill Gallery is continuously on the lookout for dynamic and niche brands to offer its loyal customers; brands that offer something different, something qualitative, something unique. HYT is that and we welcome them to the family and look forward to further innovations and amazing developments from the Hydro Mechanical Horologists in the years to come.’

Boutique inauguration on 4 February 2016

HYT inaugurated its boutique launch on 4 February 2016 with a cocktail reception in the presence of Tan Sri (Dr.) Francis Yeoh, Group Managing Director of YTL Corporation Berhad.

More than 60 guests including rising young star Hannah Lo, who presided over the event as MC, gathered at the boutique to raise their glasses in support of HYT’s most recent achievement!

Please visit HYT’s boutique on UG 19 Adorn Floor, Starhill Gallery, 181 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

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H2 Tradition: HYT’s retro contemporary U-turn

"We have always said that we would never create a classic piece. Having said that, this is exactly what we've done!"

Vincent Perriard, HYT's CEO, loves nothing better than exploring the brand's vast capacity for expression. From its very beginnings, the brand has blazed new trails, experimenting, creating, inventing... Its driving force — innovation — has propelled all its models to greater heights than anyone could have imagined. And now, HYT has reached the very summit. From this tempting viewpoint, how could HYT not cast a contemplative eye over three centuries of watchmaking?

"Fluid innovation is, and will remain, in our DNA", continues Vincent Perriard, "but this doesn't prevent us from playing around with the codes of traditional watchmaking. Fun, experimentation, the joy of surprise: after all, that's what we do best!".

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The very new Skull Maori

Vincent perriard, HYT CEO, gets straight to the point – the skull, hyt’s new extraordinary and unprecedented creation, breaks all the rules.

When asked what the driving force behind the creation of the skull maori was, hyt art director xavier casals discussed the desire to further emphasise the skull shape of the piece by using a rare and traditional hand engraving, a beautiful metier d’art. Casals added that the use of the maori tribal tattoo, often associated with a skull, was another integral part to the concept.

For the skull collection, the glass tube is bent into the shape of a skull, and the level of complexity skyrockets because of the eight bends needed to create the skull. Normally, when a tube is bent, the inside diameter is reduced, restricting the flow of the liquid (think of a kink in a garden hose, for example). To avoid this occurring, hyt had to find a solution to counteract this reduction so as not to affect the precision of the watch. Hyt’s engineers worked together with glassblowers to fully understand how glass works, how it responds to heat, speed, angles and gravity. Thanks to mastering these factors, the brand’s engineers were able to reduce this undesirable effect to a minimum.

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Discover the H4 Metropolis – The Movie

Watch the video and discover the H4 Metropolis and this light system!

The generator has been nestled between 4 and 5 o'clock. It is invisible, and activated by the push-piece located opposite on the case middle. The process is broadly that of a dynamo: converting mechanical power into light energy. It is the rotation of the push-piece at 4:30 that winds the generator. Pressure on this same push-piece then activates the two LEDs which bathe the Metropolis in a soft blue light.

The H4 Metropolis will be released as a run of 100 pieces with a titanium and DLC case and a black rubber base with integrated NOMEX© canvas strap, available from October 27 2015 previously at Colette in Paris and worldwide from mid-November.

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HYT bathes its H4 in light

The H4 Alinghi is the world's first watch dynamo converting mechanical power into light to read the time even in the dark.

Innovation within tradition, the DNA of haute horlogerie, the movement heritage, and so on: forget it all. HYT does things its own way, and discards these received ideas. Need a known quantity to hang on to? Good news: the H4 Alinghi tells the time. As for the rest, you will need to forget anything that has been seen, designed, or even imagined before now.

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With an already imposing name, the H2 Aviator is the first time HYT creates a timepiece destined for aviation lovers which each step of its concept designed to satisfy aeronautical codes. The H2 Aviator isn't simply an evolution, it is a true transformation of HYT's iconic H2 launched in 2013, a piece easily distinguishable by its 'V' shaped positioned bellows.

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HYT will hit the SIHH 2016 !

We are really thrilled and honored to announce that the « Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie » has invited HYT to join the SIHH, which will take place in Geneva next January 18–22, 2016.

After only 2 years of activities, HYT continues its development and join the most prestigious Watch Show in the world. HYT is – of course – preparing an incredible creative year full of fluids and mechanical surprises !

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In February, HYT announced its partnership with the RC44 Championship Tour, created in 2007 by the legendary Russell Coutts, 5 times winner of the America's Cup.

"For this occasion, we needed a piece that of course leveraged on our fluid technology but also ensured the performance and the lightness of a monocoque." says HYT CEO Vincent Perriard.

The H1 AIR RC44 movement is covered by a sapphire dial, another first for HYT. The part of the dial covering the bellows remains transparent to allow an unobstructed view of the heart of the watch. On this timepiece, the sapphire dial is adorned with a applied chapter made of a single piece of carbon, evoking the ultra perfectionist structures of racing monocoques. This H1's architecture designed in stratum, firstly with the movement, then the sapphire dial and then finally the applied chapter, allowed us to integrate new depths and a different volume and richness to the piece. Limited edition of 22 pieces.

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HYT Clinches ‘Favourite Mens Watch Award’ At Kuala Lumpur’s A Journey Though Time VIII with its limited edition H1 Dracula!

Independent Swiss luxury watch brand HYT goes from strength to strength in S.E. Asia as its best selling H1 Dracula DLC steals the show at Starhill Gallery’s A Journey Through Time VIII.

Switzerland, 1 December 2014 – HYT’s very popular H1 Dracula DLC was named winner of The Favourite Mens Watch Award during the prestigious A Journey Through Time VIII, 21-28 November 2014.

The award winners were selected by an international panel of five expert judges, including Dr. Bernard Chong who has presided over both the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie and the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie. Announced during the 28 November closing grand gala dinner, the Prize lauded the Dracula’s daring use of fluids and mechanics in the same watch and striking masculine design.

Launched in September 2014, HYT’s limited edition H1 Dracula DLC was inspired by the unforgettable 19th century vampire legend and incorporates an unstructured red fluid on the dial and red veins on a sleek black alligator strap. Its 48.8mm titanium black DLC case has brushed, shot-peened and satin-finished surfaces. It has a mechanical HYT calibre hand-wound movement, 65-hour power reserve, hand-chamfered bridges and is adorned with côtes de Genève, rhodiumed bellows.

The Dracula is one of HYT’s 20 ground breaking models and representative of the brand’s determination to break with classical watch-making traditions with highdisruptive high-technology concepts.

Launched in 2012 The Hydro Mechanical Horologists revolutionised the horlogical market with the use of game changing fluid technology that unites mechanics and liquid within a wristwatch. The use of hydro mechanics was a first ever in the watch industry and HYT was the winner of the 2012 Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prize, Best innovative Watch Concept (Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve).

2 years on and HYT has more than 50 points of sale wordwide. In the last 6 weeks HYT opened HYT Asia in Singapore, the brand’s first (non-retail) subsidiary to cater to the pressing demand coming from collectors in the region. This was followed by the launch of a commercial partnership with retail giant Time International for an exclusive distribution of its time pieces in Indonesia. HYT opened its first boutique in South East Asia in

November in Kuala Lumpur’s Starhill Gallery.

HYT CEO Vincent Perriard announced ‘we are extremely happy to have won the Favourite Mens Award. We know our watches ignite great interest and great passion in just about everyone we meet but competition was fierce!’ Perriard added ‘I got to meet a lot of collectors at the opening of HYT’s store in Kuala Lumpur and although I wasn’t surprised by the sophistication of collectors I was surprised by the consistent level of interest in our time pieces I encountered. Starhill Gallery Boutique is a great addition to the HYT family and will remain central to our development in S. E Asia’.

Collectors and Friends can visit the HYT Boutique at the Adorn Floor, Starhill Gallery, 181 Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.

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