A Latin America that promotes learning, working and entrepreneurship to its youth.


We believe every young Latin-American should have access to quality education, formal employment and develop the skills to become an entrepreneur. 

the reason

20 million 15-24 year-old Latin-Americans can neither study nor work. Frequently, they are condemned to resort to crime, violence and prostitution to make a living. They do not want charity; only the tools to take control of their lives.

how we do it

GANYDAR is not a charity and we never send money to either schools or graduates. We only provides tools, which we acquire directly from companies, such as Bosch and Hilti. 

for young
vulnerable latin

- ganydar foundation

GANYDAR executes two types of programs:

#1 Tools for workshops: we donate tools to specific workshop-schools so that they can properly train apprentices.

#2 Tools for graduates: tools are expensive and hard to come by. We donate tools to equip recent graduates with a basic toolkit, so that they may be able to start working and earn a living.

“every young latin-american should have
access to quality education"

- ganydar