for’s goals?
to break the cycle of poverty!

- founded in 2006

At FOR Foundation, we provide education, professional coaching and financial
support to generate positive results for our beneficiaries. Coach FOR prosperity!

FOR’s goal? Break the poverty cycle!

FOR supports those in distress and the destitute, with a particular focus on children,
young adults and their relatives to provide them with tools and services such as
schooling, training and coaching in order to become financially independent. 


Thirza Schneider – Program director of Oasis Kirghizstan

Throughout these past four years, FOR has been an important partner in our work
among the most vulnerable here in Kyrgyzstan.

Not only have they continued to contribute to our work on a financial basis, but
they have also come alongside us with valuable advice and coaching both in difficult
and good times, including giving us some very helpful coaching on fundraising. 


the for foundational values are:

#1 GIVING: our time, skills and financial resources

#2 TIME: presence in the field. Pragmatic support

#3 TRUST: established through partnership

#4 RESULTS: a win-win for beneficiary and donor

#5 HOLISTIC approach: addressing an individual’s
fundamental needs - social, spiritual,
physiological and emotional

#6 COACHING: a blend of the heart and discipline

#7 FAITH: A strong vision, associated with focus
and resilience. Ultimately, it’s about believing!

“FOR Foundation supports people in distress and the
destitute, with a priority toward children...”

- for foundation