H₀ : Brilliant. Memorable. Enlightened.

H₀ : Brilliant. Memorable. Enlightened.

If diamonds are allegedly forever, how long is forever? The H₀, like its creator HYT, is born of a question on the nature of time. This watch invites highly precious stones to flow through its design to shine light on time’s essential passage. Choosing the inspiration of water droplets and rivers over orchestrated linear settings, its focus is the beauty of the seamless interplay between the past, present and future. An almost paradoxical union of a patented micro-fluidic module and mechanical caliber underlines the fascination of a now characterized by social, technological and geographical fluidity.

Underneath the drop-like sapphire glass of this spectacular H₀, snow-set diamonds all over the dial give the impression of water droplets delivered directly by nature. They enchant with their spontaneous irregularity. As they catch the light, another layer of uniqueness emerges. HYT understands that time – and therefore life – is constantly in motion. And since nothing is set in stone, the content of each individual’s existence is unique. The diamonds cascade down the sides of the case to form rivers circumnavigating it. This too is a reminder of time’s fluidity as coined in the words of Greek philosopher Heraclitus, “No man ever steps in the same river twice as it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man”. Engraved numbers around the largely transparent case cast individual shadows to reinforce the three-dimensional theme.

There are two very different interpretations of the H₀. One underlines the vibrancy of life with red colored liquid tracing the path of elapsed time and a red alligator strap. Red detail on the hands and power reserve display punctuate the diamond ocean. Its counterpart contrasts the sparkling backdrop with black as a further stamp of sophistication. Time’s power lies in its capacity to become memorable, not eternal.

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