Sophisticated. Self-assured. Sleek.

Gold is the perfect commodity to share the intrinsic HYT fascination with time’s fluidity. Born of a harmonious union of tradition and modernity, the H0 Gold celebrates this precious metal’s immaculate journey from the jewels of antiquity, to unsurpassed energy conduction in the digital age. Archaeology meets the laboratory in a watch design that states self-confidence, offering wearers a clear perspective on exactly where they are, right now.

The inspiration of meticulous excavation finds expression in a focus on the bare essentials of the passage of time. Their instigator comprises two multi-layer bellows, visible through the dial. These trigger the forward movement of time through the patented HYT micro-fluidic module. Aesthetics applaud the science-based measurement of liquid. A curved dial surface appears to host a drop of water; a subtle wave pattern completes the scene. Like unrestrained water, time never stands still.

HYT is graphic in its core belief that context and content define time. It supports this viewpoint in the H0 Gold with an instantly visible black fluid indicating recently elapsed time and a clear one suggesting what is to come. Considered dial detail, such as a power reserve display with a water-themed pattern, provide exacting punctuation in this 360° statement on the intricate relationship between time and space. An ultra-matt black strap in alligator leather complements the 18k Champagne-colored gold case. With 2N purity and a confidently current mix of circular brushing and fine sandblasting, this confirms the timepiece’s relevance and presence, rooted in what matters. A golden opportunity to go with the flow.

Caja :

  • Oro amarillo (2N) con acabados pulidos con chorro de arena, pulidos y satinados
  • Diámetro: 48,8 mm
  • Altura: 18,7 mm
  • Corona de oro amarillo (2N)
  • Cristal de zafiro abombado (forma de caja), revestimiento antirreflectante
  • Fondo de caja enroscado, cristal de zafiro
  • Hermético hasta 30 metros

Funciones :

  • Horas fluidas negras
  • Minutos, segundos, reserva de marcha

Movimiento :

  • Mecánico de cuerda manual, calibre exclusivo
  • 28 800 alt/h, 4 Hz, 35 rubíes
  • Acabado de movimiento arenado
  • 65 horas de reserva de marcha

Módulo microfluídico HYT exclusivo y patentado:

  • Tubo capilar de vidrio de borosilicato, nanorrecubrimiento interior
  • Fuelles metálicos multicapa/li>
  • Dos líquidos no miscibles: uno transparente y otro con un colorante altamente resistente
  • Compensador térmico con fuelle especial y líquido específico
  • Limitadores de fluidos de cerámica de alta tecnología


  • Transmisión entre el movimiento y el módulo fluido mediante el cambio de la rotación en movimiento linear gracias a un sistema de seguidores de leva
  • Conexión isostática del sistema de fluido garantizado por un tridente

Esfera :

  • Esfera opalina de oro, agujas y números grabados, Super-LumiNova® blanca
  • Contadores cepillados y pulidos con chorro de arena, agujas y números grabados, Super-LumiNova® blanca
  • Agujas de los minutos y los segundos negras, Super-LumiNova® blanca

Correa :

Piel de aligátor de color negro mate, cierre desplegable de oro amarillo (2N) y titanio




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