SOONOW : Avant-Garde. Immediate. Confident.

There are moments when we want now to last forever. At other times, soon can’t come fast enough. The SOONOW timepiece by HYT has the answer. Its intriguing and captivating presentation of time’s flow is a constant reminder that every second counts. Because these moments are what add together to equal lives – ours.


“Now or never” is so yesterday. HYT defines the present as an energizing cliffhanger, never as a precariously suspended moment of gratification or information on demand. The meaning of time is the content we give it, every single step of the way. SOONOW showcases this dynamic view of the now as a mobile pivotal point between the path traveled so far, and what could potentially lie ahead. Immediacy becomes an open door. The past empowers the present; then they build the future together. Always.

Visualizing this flow is a patented fluidic module that works in perfect harmony with an exclusive mechanical movement, in an apparently unconventional union. Two partially visible, multi-layer bellows inject energy into the system to initiate the representation of time’s transience via two contrasting liquids.

Documenting elapsed time is a see-through fluid that alludes to the clarity and wisdom that experience contributes. The inviting prospects of the immediate future are forecast by either bright green or blue liquid. This encourages us to make something of our time in these times. If we focus on time’s flow, now could well last forever.


SOONOW by HYT is a joint creation of art and science. Meticulous calculation meets a multi-dimensional depiction of the human skull, a creative inspiration that has extended from Aztec artifacts to contemporary painting and sculpture. A total of 313 18-karat gold pins make up the contoured masterpiece on this watch’s titanium dial. They simultaneously salute and wink at horological tradition and high-tech innovation. Their diametric opposite is perforation. Close to one thousand tiny holes punctuate the design of SOONOW. Mathematics and esthetics emerge as strong partners, spelling out the numbers of each hour via precision drilling, with the exact center of each word facilitating on-the-dot timing accuracy.


A watch with a mechanism capable of defying gravity is indisputably authentic in its drive for individuality. The design language of SOONOW is committed to using three-dimensionality and thought-provoking detail to add new perspectives to watchmaking – and time-telling. In its entirety, this watch is a celebration of the uniqueness that has come to define true luxury.

Since time lends itself to being contemplated from different individual viewpoints, HYT is determined its timepieces should do the same. Sitting fluidly on the wrist, the two SOONOW 25-strong limited editions adopt an architectural approach to depicting the passage of time with a droplet domed shape, sinuous lines and multi-layered, transparent structure.

The skull-shaped capillary, with its handcrafted bends and angles, represents an endless, rewarding quest for technical innovation. Hourly milestones appear to float above its outline. The skull’s facial expressions give their all to keep life’s transience front of mind. A pupil mirroring the power reserve level peers out from a disc sitting behind one eye socket. The other eye focuses on the passing of the watch’s briefest recorded unit, completing a full rotation in 60 seconds. Here the words “SOON” and “NOW” remind us that time is precious in a way that no iris could. If the dial’s protagonist could wink, he or she probably would. But the smile is on the wearer.


The SOONOW story by HYT makes sense of time by allowing its flow to flourish. Only thoughts and actions separate now from soon – ours.



H₀ : 前卫时尚。果敢鲜明。通透直观。





发现 H₀

H1.0 : 活力澎湃。动力满满。效力强大。




发现 H1.0

H1.0 : 活力澎湃。动力满满。效力强大。



50米防水深度为腕表的流体“叙事”设计保驾护航,同时也为腕表的耐用性增加了新的砝码。HYT H1.0腕表有三个款式可选。银色、黑色或炭灰色表壳,分别搭配亮蓝色、绿色或红色且不具备可溶性的液体——时间一点一滴过去,这些有色液体也一点一点精准地流动——将逝去的时间生动地视觉化。所有款式均采用饰有精巧图案的黑色橡胶表带,搭配钛金属表扣。碰撞的感觉是美妙的——让人印象深刻。


发现 H1.0

H₀ : 多面立体,内涵深刻;光彩丰盈,发人深思;摩登前卫,引领时尚。

HYT力作H₀ Time is Precious腕表不仅展现时间的流逝,同时深层次探究时间的丰富内涵。它以优美迷人的方式警示我们:时光的流逝不可阻挡。它好比一座缤纷大舞台,为我们呈现艺术与科学、创新与工艺、当下与其环境之间的精彩对话。令人赞叹不绝的表盘由63个镜面构成,每一面都略微呈一定倾斜角度,为腕表定下前卫摩登的总基调。随着佩戴者的运动,腕表的光线效果也始终发生变化——时时刻刻生动影射着处于过去与未来之间的“当下时刻”之永续流动性。在该腕表上,时尚摩登之流行美学与根深蒂固之专业工艺将处于束缚禁锢之中的生活片段转化为自由随性的“万花筒”——生动呈现我们宝贵的生活万象。

无论在视觉还是技术工艺方面,H₀ Time is Precious腕表都忠实传达了HYT的理念格言:时间宝贵,务必珍惜。它的设计挑战了一种陈规旧论:碎片化以及妄图多角度共生的贪望势必有损功能性和流畅性。非但如此,它反而成功将多层次的时间和空间和谐融汇,将其中的深邃与丰盈深刻展现,令人赞叹不已。众多“主角”合力铸就一个强大的整体。单晶硅和超锋利激光切割技术的应用将“高级钟表”镶嵌细工工艺生动展现为表盘上的三维立体图景。HYT专利微型流体模块与独家机械机芯天衣无缝合力生效,持续不断、精准无误地记录时间的流逝。

三维立体、全方位光彩照人——这是对H₀ Time is Precious腕表的精准定义。腕表侧面的“Time is Precious” (时间宝贵) 字样镌刻于环绕精钢表壳的“镜体”——两组镌刻,生动形象,仿佛真正的镜子照出了颠倒的字体。表盘上四个不同形状和尺寸的窗口让人一眼瞥见时间的稍纵即逝。担纲红色和透明液体 (展现时间的进程) 动力器的两个波纹管、一个动力存储指示器以及一个显示秒钟前进过程的子盘均清晰可见。蓝宝石玻璃分钟盘和透明橡胶表带更是将这种通透设计演绎到淋漓尽致。没有什么躲得过时间的“法眼”。


发现 H₀

H₀ : 光芒璀璨,记忆难忘,启悟人生





发现 H₀

H²0 : 过去,当下,未来——无缝连接,永续流动。



在这一HYT腕表系列上,时间流逝的展现以“透明”为关键。高高的拱形盒状蓝宝石水晶玻璃表镜以及透明表底盖将机械与流体之间的对话淋漓呈现,供人尽情欣赏。亦如鹅卵石在岁月的冲刷下越发光滑,这款腕表也会在时间的洗礼下越来越散发丰盈的美感。高科技机芯融合了各种精湛的表面修饰工艺,包括微喷工艺 (钛金属板桥)、黑色DLC镀层以及磨砂工艺。两根镀铑波纹管令性能至臻完善。每一眼,都让人对时间产生全新的认知——关于时间的起源,关于时间的无限可能。


发现 H²0

H²0 »TIME IS FLUID«腕表 贴心。摩登。丰实。

在一个由时间主宰的、时效至上、节奏紧迫的世界,得时间者为赢家——然而,时间又是一种看起来任何人都无法真正拥有的昂贵商品。毋庸置疑,这是一种让人无法选择的窘境——而如今,HYT力作H²0 »TIME IS FLUID«腕表为时间配上了“参照环境”,让时间变虚无为丰实、变紧迫为安然。这一创意丰沛的腕表接受“时间是流动的”这个事实,并将流动过程视觉化、具象化,甚至予以颂扬礼赞。它从未自称是时间的守护者,而是利用流体技术将过去、当下与未来之间的流动交互转变为具象化的存在——好比帆布背景,等待被画上不同意义的个性内容。既然可以赋予时间以意义,何苦劳神去追它?

H²0 »TIME IS FLUID«腕表将HYT的核心理念“时间最关键的特性是流动性”以文字形式表达出来,即:»TIME IS FLUID« (时间是流动的)——这句话环绕腕表四周。由此强调一个事实:好比词成短语、短语成句、句再成文,进而行文流水——时间也是由片段组成,进而流动起来。该腕表意在将时间作为空间性的实体呈现,让人可以从各个角度全面审视它——其代表性特征就是:三维立体设计语言——也邀请佩戴者以同样的态度审视时间。当下的外部大环境是:数字式显示满天飞,但始终是孤立存在的信息——而该款腕表聚焦时间的一个绝对本质:流动性——且将其视觉化、具象化。

无论从技术上还是理念上,H²0 »TIME IS FLUID«腕表都在看似互相矛盾的存在之间搭建起连接的桥梁。工艺和技术之间的创意拉扯成为“专利微型流体模块 + 特制APRP机械机芯”这一创意组合之助推动力。乍一看上去,分钟和秒钟盘以及主夹板上的钻石形纹饰并不是“高级钟表”的特征。但近距离观察,会发现盘上的图案呈偏心状分布。这样便突显出不同时间单位的不同节奏和层次感,也区分出调节用的波纹管所代表的动力源。

H²0鲜明体现出HYT的基本设计语汇。顺滑的弯角、流畅的造型,且几乎没有直线条——这些都演绎出时间的流动特性。其核心讯息是“平衡”,即:传承与创新之间的平衡、冷与暖之间的平衡,以及碰撞于当下的、过去与未来之间的平衡。H²0 »TIME IS FLUID«腕表有两个表款可选:一款由18K黄金 (2N) 打造,另一款为精钢材质。两款均为限量发行。有色与透明液体分别展现过去的和即将到来的时间轨迹,堪称生命的极致象征——属于您自己的独特生命轨迹。



H4 : 创意之光,照亮时光;“矛盾”之力,融合对立;斑斓生辉,无尽活力。

令鲜明的“矛盾”浑然一体——这是HYT的驱动力。最新推出的H4腕表更是将品牌这一与生俱来的魔力演绎得更加入木三分——让“矛盾”意义非凡。这些色彩斑斓的新表款忠实承袭了品牌的一大基因:彰显过去与未来的力量,从而为当下营造背景、充实内容。同时,品牌又新增一个惊艳维度:以史无前例的最小型发电机 (即将获得专利) 令两种可能彼此互为抗衡的对立体——光与流体——形成合力。在某一个“紧张冲突”的时刻:创造力战胜了难解之题,创意的火花由此绚烂绽放。全新H4腕表就诞生于这样的时刻。




探索 系列

Skull 48.8 令人过目不忘的点睛之作,突显至关重要的当下时刻。

岁月静好,但生命的洪流奔涌向前。HYT Skull 48.8腕表好比一幅让人过目不忘的画作,更似其中的点睛之笔,设计用意清晰鲜明:时光一去不返,务必抓紧当下。这一超群卓凡之作无时无刻不在提醒人们争分夺秒的重要性。其以液体方式突显时间的流逝过程,强调当下时刻的威力与能量——而这正是生命的真谛所在。

这一展示时间流逝过程的迷人戏剧有一个神秘超凡的“主角”:骷髅造型的毛细管。专利流体模块和独一无二的机械机芯令“主角”焕发生命。有色液体象征着“反思”,而与之对立的透明液体代表未来。两者汇聚处的弯液面即精准指示至关重要的当前时刻。Skull 48.8表盘上的两只大眼睛造型可谓不怒自威,激励观者禁不住更深刻地进行自我审视——反思自身是如何度过生命的宝贵时间的。右眼的后面设有一个旋转盘,随着颜色的由深至浅,忠实记录着每一秒珍贵时间的流逝。因为将时间最本质的动力呈现在了舞台中央,所以分钟显示就被移至后台了,也就免去了设置分针的必要。



H0 X Eau Rouge腕表 激情澎湃。浑然天成。不可或缺。

在地球这颗行星上,所有生命都离不开液体。这个久经考验、毋庸置疑的科学真理正是HYT力作H0 X Eau Rouge腕表的核心理念。在这一高科技腕表中,红色意指生命的核心本质,发挥着三大功能:传输、保护和调节。H0 X Eau Rouge以分别象征两种生命之源的红色和透明色不相溶液体实时展现当下这一刻的时间流逝。专利微型流体模块与独一无二的机械机芯共同发挥作用,彰显HYT品牌至关重要的设计思源:无法阻止的时间流动性。

在H0 X Eau Rouge腕表中,“流动的液体”这一基本的设计灵感得以清晰具象化:无论从外观还是功能方面。腕表整体造型好似一枚精致的鹅卵石——随着时间的流逝,在“潺潺流水”的作用下,其越发平滑,愈臻完美。钟形蓝宝石表镜不仅发挥必要的保护作用,如水般清澈、美丽的外观也令人悦目怡心。略微呈弧面的表盘上设有凹面计时盘——打造出“水滴落入湖面、泛起涟漪阵阵”的生动图景。

象征蓬勃激情的红色贯穿整个H0 X Eau Rouge腕表的设计,就这样,一款腕表,既恒久如自然真理,又时尚如瞬息潮流。红色橡胶表带、红色分针和秒针,还有配红色护套的精钢表冠——与48.8毫米“灰色调”表壳形成生动鲜明的对比之美。一款是精钢的本色灰,绽放魅人光彩;另一款是带DLC涂层的炭灰色精钢,散发都会摩登气息。65小时动力存储,确保“生命”生生不息。“好水最纯在源头”——HYT腕表亦如此。


探索 系列

Skull 48.8:犀利之作,提醒人们珍惜时间!


Skull系列自2015年以来,已成为标志性HYT腕表。腕表系列设计大胆,从流体时间展示方式出发,让脱颖而出的品牌再度开辟新的境域。在Skull腕表中,所有设计元素共同发出“死亡警告”,提醒人们生命短暂,抓住当下。其象征生命,而非死亡。如同流体,在两个柔性储液器的驱动下,在毛细管内行走,标记时间的流逝。没有液体,也就没有生命。可能也就没有计时装置:该计时方式始于三千年前的第一个滴漏 (或“漏刻”)。作为21世纪的漏刻,HYT更是一种哲学仪表。其采取大胆骷髅设计,搭配空心眼睛外形,更加富有哲学意味。


探索 系列

H0 Feel The HYT版腕表: 火热。一气呵成。让人欲罢不能。

这份“火热”专为HYT腕表的忠实拥趸倾情打造。H0 FEEL THE HYT版腕表不惧高温,仅在HYT Pop Up Store Miami Design District (迈阿密设计区的HYT游击店) 供售。每一枚HYT腕表均内置专利热补偿器,确保了液体绝不会因温度变化而膨胀进而影响时间的流动。这是一项不折不扣的专业钟表复杂装置,突破性的技术将艺术与科技和谐融汇,没有任何灼伤手指的风险。红色,火的颜色;2N 18K黄金,象征太阳的威力——它们共同发挥魔力,由此打造而成的腕表令迈阿密迅速吸引了钟表发烧友的强烈关注。

  • HYT Pop Up Store Miami Design District
  • 3818 NE 2ND AV, 33137 MIAMI
  • +1 786 773 3445


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H0 流畅,自信,精致。

金材质是HYT分享其对于时间流动性之天然执着的完美载体。H0 Gold腕表便颂赞了这一贵金属从“自古珍宝”到如今数字时代无可匹敌的“能量传导者”之完美转变,堪称传统与现代的和谐融汇。考古学与实验室科技在一款腕表的设计中碰撞融合,张扬自信风采,为佩戴者提供清晰的视角,让他们准确知道自己此时此刻在哪里。



Discover the new H²0 Collection




HYT X Alinghi腕表第三版:

H1 Alinghi – 融合顶级技术,全面展现帆船和制表技术

H1 Alinghi腕表为品牌与帆船船队合作的第三款腕表,是三款腕表中技术最先进的腕表。腕表限量20枚,彰显了低调、高效和高性能的新高度。

“这款腕表是我们与Alinghi合作以来在技术方面最先进的腕表。”对于HYT首席执行官格雷戈里·多德而言,帆船船队三年合作关系的纪念腕表不容疏忽。腕表外观与众不同。H1 Alinghi腕表回归帆船本源:腕表继承了H4 (2015) 和H2 (2016) 腕表设计,借鉴了更多的帆船元素,是迄今为止技术上最先进的腕表。




“过去三年,我们非常有幸携手大胆前卫的腕表合作伙伴,他们能够将流体技术融入时间显示方式。在共同价值观方面,我们极其相似!在H1 Alinghi腕表上,HYT将绞盘、卷帆器以及索具等重要帆船设备融入表盘,再次表现出前卫个性。毫无疑问,其旨在致敬帆船领域。我喜欢这个概念,独一无二!”主帆平舱工Nils Frei表现出极大兴趣。


探索H1 Alinghi腕表

H0 Blue Night

HYT冒险之旅与Chronopassion错综交织,准确而言,与其创始人Laurent Picciotto紧密相连——首批参与流体时间大冒险的人物之一。

在HYT和Chronopassion之间的伟大友谊下,诞生了H0 Blue Night腕表——仅巴黎知名零售商处有售。




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#HYTNOVELTY: H4 X Panis-Barthez Compétition腕表

“H4 Panis-Barthez Compétition”是一款高科技计时器,无论白天和黑夜,在各种环境中均可提供卓越表现。在腕表内,绿色液体承载荧光纳米颗粒在黑色壳体内运动,并搭配锯齿状缎光钛金属表圈边框。

HYT和Panis-Barthez Compétition设计了腕表中心,采用赛车方向盘的颜色,以展现耐力赛的所有力量。因此,秒钟指示器和动力储存装置以蓝色、红色和绿色装饰。分钟轨道上部配有蓝宝石夹板,上方搭配红色指针,确保运动腕表需要的高水平可读性。就像赛车一样,H4上各个夹板均以镂空设计以减轻其重量。


H4 X Panis-Barthez Compétition腕表

腕表 生命万岁!

“Skull Vida”腕表仅推出五枚,堪称HYT史上数量最少的限量版。


和其他HYT骷髅系列的腕表一样,Skull Vida的左眼显示秒钟,右眼显示动力储存。HYT特别折叠成颅骨形状的玻璃毛细管,容纳着两种不混溶液体。小时指示,便是两个液体的分离点。表圈的小时盘以黑色为主,米色的小时数字用的是专为Skull Vida腕表所设计的阿拉伯数字字体,强烈的对比下,又显相得益彰。HYT首次运用织物表带配搭Skull Vida。为了凸显生命的象征,表带上精美的刺绣以丰富的花卉作为主题-这是HYT向生命的致敬!


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H4 NEO系列


H4 NEO系列腕表配备了光源。在6点钟位置的穹顶之下,HYT隐藏了两个紫色LED光源。一旦激活,淡紫色光芒便会覆盖整个表盘。夜晚时,荧光色液体与充满荧光纳米粒子的透明表盘便会被LED光源点亮,非常引人注目。


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#SIHH2017: HYT骷髅怀表闪亮登场














2016年12月12日悉尼 — 瑞士奢华钟表独立品牌HYT证实,它将参与为期4天的极限帆船系列锦标赛,并任命MAD & ASSOCIATES为其独家代理。

HYT发布了其参加澳大利亚为期4天的系列锦标赛的行程安排,并决定与品牌澳大利亚独家代理商MAD & ASSOCIATES携手赞助大赛。





The aesthetic features of the H1 Ghost play on this duality. Day and night, shadow and light constantly contrast. The black DLC titanium case presents alternating brushed, micro-blasted and satin-finished finishes, but their intense black only serves to better reflect the light.

The H1 Ghost has been designed around a new black fluid that does not emit or reflect any light. However, the H1 Ghost can be read in the dark; HYT developed a unique use of Super-LumiNova: the material illuminates the capillary from underneath along its entire translucent stretch, beyond the black fluid.


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“我们非常高兴,FHH能够认可我们不循规蹈矩的创意本质,这是一种如今在‘高级钟表’这个以严苛与精准为先的领域内,依然存在着的非常规思维与创意性。”HYT首席执行官GRÉGORY DOURDE(格雷戈里·多德)解释说。“理论上,将流体技术融入机械腕表等同于强行将两个相对立的世界融合在一起。尽管挑战重重,我们还是做到了。今天,HYT雇佣了大约48名员工,倾力于五大腕表系列的创作,每年约制作400枚腕表。对于攻克了如此多难题与挑战的团队,对于过去五年来一直对我们信任有加的所有客户,这既是一种认可,更是一种鼓励,鼓舞我们继续朝着我们追求的目标前进:创造属于未来的时计。”






- 拉丁美洲路演,10月8日 – 11月11日

- 中国路演,10月10日 - 14日

- 墨西哥SIAR钟表展,10月18日 - 20日

- 纽约 - 10月24日 - 26日

- 穿越时空之旅,吉隆坡,11月4日 - 13日

- 迪拜腕表周,11月15日 - 19日

- 奢华大师,阿姆斯特丹,12月10日 - 11日

















HYT is proud to launch a new service : "HYT BESPOKE".

The goal of the HYT Bespoke team is to meet specific and unique requests of collectors who have their own, personal creative vision. HYT Bespoke offers solutions ranging from personalisation options to the creation of ultra-exclusive and unique pieces.

All of HYT's artistic, scientific and technological expertise are channelled into these one-off creations.

Each project of this type is built around a dialog. Intense, exclusive, it must capture the essence of the customer's expectations and personality. Depending on the request, creative meetings are held, along with visits to HYT's laboratories to allow the customer to discover in detail the full potential of HYT and its ecosystem – a marriage of creativity and engineering. The customer thus enjoys a truly immersive experience throughout the development of his or her watch, from manufacture right through to fitting.

Complete confidentiality is guaranteed for those customers who desire it.


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Download « HYT WORLD » App & Visit the HYT’s Laboratory & Workshop in Switzerland

We are delighted to announce HYT has launched its new « HYT WORLD » APP available from Apple Store and Google Play.

Download the APP, take the Quiz and win a trip to Switzerland !


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Turn off the lights !

Will Laurent Picciotto, equipped with his H4 Metropolis, dare to shut down the City of Light ? Watch our video to find out !


It’s alive!

Meet with our Dr. Frankenstein - HYT and Laurent Picciotto (Chronopassion) pay tribute to the 200 years of Mary Shelley's masterpiece : Frankenstein or the new Prometheus.

No need to say more, discover the video starring the H3 (unveiled during the Baselworld 2015) and Laurent Picciotto.


H1 Air collection: an airborne H1 family takes flight

The 3 H1 Air pieces can hardly keep their feet on the ground! To begin with, they arrive together as non-identical triplets the first time HYT unveils a complete collection of limited pieces in one shot.

Secondly, the pieces explore unchartered territory such as the maritime world or camouflage. But the third and most surprising aspect to the air collection is that HYT presents its first classical piece! Are the enfants terribles of Hydro-Mechanics growing up?


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RC44 celebrates its 10 years with HYT alongside

HYT and Russell Coutts are not only partners. Since 2015 the creator of the RC44 monohull is present on all the seas hoisting their synergies for all to see. HYT is the only hydro mechanical watch and the natural partner for this monohull that is so prestigious that it has its own RC44 Championship Tour. It is the 10 year anniversary of these races that HYT would like to hail.

"Some people offer flowers, some people offer cakes at birthday. We thought we'd develop a new H4 for Russell".

The new H4 RC44 unites all the maritime codes of this race: blue liquid, technical design, the same colour codes of the regatta and an ultra-light carbon case like the RC44's hull. And the last detail that we will only see at HYT: A seconds wheel that emulates the golden bar that the monohull raises when it is winning.


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H2 Alinghi: HYT sets sail once more!

For the second year of their partnership, HYT and Alinghi hoist their sails even higher with the H2 Alinghi which follows in the wake of the H4 Alinghi. ‘It’s a very successful twosome – just like the Alinghi team, twice winner of the America’s Cup’, says Vincent Perriard, Member of the board & co-founder of HYT.

For the first time in its history, HYT has built an H2 with a full untreated titanium case. This is also the very first H2 to feature the new black liquid, unveiled at the beginning of the year. The H2’s caliber has been suitably adapted: for the first time, it’s been crafted in two-tone black and grey; above it glides a brand new central minutes hand, drawing inspiration from marine-style hands.


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Swiss Pioneers of Groundbreaking Fluid Technology

Swiss based HYT SA (HYT) and Preciflex SA (Preciflex) announced today they had successfully raised CHF23 million for the launch of a new suite of Swiss made products that are expected to be available on the market within 36 months.

Investors included the founders and existing shareholders, together with Mr. Peter Brabeck-Letmathe and a Swiss-based private asset management company as a strategic anchor investor. Beat C. Burkhardt, President and CEO of Tetral SA will join the Board of HYT and Fulvio Maccarone, Head of Private Investments of Tetral SA will join the Board of Preciflex.

The young Swiss companies initially set out to raise CHF15 million but, due to the level of interest from potential investors, decided to increase the amount of the capital raising. Co- Founder and Board Member of HYT and Preciflex, Emmanuel Savioz, commented ‘We knew we had the right idea, the right business model and the right people to make it happen. What we needed to bring the development and deployment of our technology to the next step was more financing and in doing so, we were fortunate enough to attract the right partners too.’

Co-Founder and Chairman of HYT and Preciflex, Patrick Berdoz, added ‘this is a singular opportunity for us to develop, grow and expand and we thank all our partner investors for this exceptional vote of confidence in our companies and in our people.’

The groundbreaking fluid technology is currently available in the luxury independent watch industry with HYT’s disruptive and innovative mechanical timepieces that use liquid to indicate the time. Launched in 2012, HYT’s watches are available in 69 points of sale worldwide. HYT was awarded “Best Innovative Watch” of the year by the Grand Prix de l’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) in 2012. This Series C Financing will enable HYT to launch a new proprietary and powerful movement allowing case size reduction in addition to the introduction of multiple fluidic indications.

Preciflex has various applications in the fields of micro and meso-fluidic that can be utilised in industries as diverse as the horological, automotive or medical sectors. This Series C Financing will accelerate the development of a new fluidic watch for a wider market at different price points in addition to a new type of fluidic jewellery. The trademarked technology opens an unprecedented era of creativity in both these markets and it is expected that the new products will either be launched with strategic players or through a sister company under a new brand.


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Skull Bad Boy: Dark side of the Skull

Skull. Bad. Boy.

Need we say more? The name really says it all. Its appearance speaks volumes, yet masks a stunning complexity. There's more to the skull than meets the eye!

One would naturally assume that the starting point for the Skull Bad Boy was the skull itself, unveiled by HYT in 2015. Not so. The creative impetus actually came from the new liquid which surrounds it. This is not a simple aesthetic variation. This opaque black, so simple to look at, took more than 12 months to develop.

To go with this new black liquid, HYT wanted to create a skull with the distinctive appearance of Damascus steel, used for knives and Samurai swords. The dial comprises two half-moons decorated with the Clous de Paris stud pattern. Its indexes are created in a Gothic font, complementing the Skull Bad Boy's hard rock look.


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As « all things come in threes », HYT welcomes its latest « Friend of the Brand », the Australian motorsports racer, Peter Hackett

A year ago, HYT introduced its very first Ambassador, Jean-Eric Vergne from the motorsports industry and competing as a racing driver at the FIA Formula E. At the beginning of the year, HYT reinforced its position in the racing industry by launching its partnership with Peter Li Zhi Cong, the young FIA F3 racer from China. Today, we are happy to announce our latest addition to our racing family, Australian Friend of the Brand Chief Driving Instructor of Mercedes AMG GT3, Peter Hackett.

HYT is honored to count on Peter Hackett into its growing « Friends of the Brand » band. Vincent Perriard explained that Peter is a huge fan of the brand and, more importantly, he is a proud owner of an HYT watch, the H1 Titanium Black DLC that he bought long time before discussing about this partnership. Peter perfectly knows the brand as a final customer and he completely falls for the complexity of our products. « This kind of association is just unique for a brand. « Indeed, to have your final client as your Ambassador is the best thing a brand can imagine to have » Perriard said.

As Peter Hackett insistes on the video the brand posted on its social media, Hackett loves innovation, science, passion and technology, it’s why he chose the HYT’s Skull Green Eye for testing it during its daily life and during a year fully planned of races.

The two-time Australian GT runner-up is among the first to import Mercedes’ new GT3 challenger to form a new team to contest the 2016 Australian GT Championship.

Just like HYT, Vergne and Li Zhi Cong, Hackett is also fascinated by mechanics and, above all, for technical excellence.

HYT is delighted to support Peter Hackett during his Eggleston Motor Sport Customer Sports Racing AMG GT3 for the 2016 season.


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Rule breaking independent Swiss ultra luxury watch brand cements its presence in Kuala Lumpur luxury mall, Starhill Gallery with a permanent store of over 1200sqft.

Stratospheric growth

HYT burst onto the scene in 2012 with a fluid technology that revolutionised the horological world. Never before had timepieces used fluids to display the time.

After only 3 full years of activity, the Neuchatel based company offers its customers a palette of 5 very different collections available in 69 points of sales around the globe.

HYT’s South East Asia Hub

In October 2014, HYT opened a hub in Singapore a strategic decision to go to the very heart of one of its most important customer base, South East Asia. The Singapore hub serves as the region’s head quarters and supports the brand’s growth in key markets resulting today in points of sales in Singapore, Jakarta and until now a pop-up store in Kuala Lumpur in addition to points of sales in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

HYT’s first eponymous boutique

The boutique in Starhill Gallery replaces the temporary store HYT opened in October 2014. A stark yet luxurious space, it offers its customers an insight into HYT’s world of fluid technology.

‘We have a fantastic location in Starhill Gallery Adorn Floor and wanted to make the most of it.’ says HYT Artistic Director Xavier Casals. ‘1200sqft of blank page was an amazing opportunity for us! We gave a lot of thought to the design and wanted to offer everyone who steps into the space an opportunity to live the HYT experience which is more than just about watches but embodies innovation, technology and the ability to dare and to achieve the impossible. We hope our customers like it.’

Partnership with Starhill Gallery

Vincent Perriard HYT CEO added ‘Starhill Gallery epitomises luxury and sophistication and we are very happy to be here. Starhill Gallery is an established institution and a trusted source of inspiration that, in the challenging and competitive industry of luxury fashion, adroitly position the brands it houses’.

‘With the opening of our permanent boutique we cement the presence we already had with our temporary store and signal our commitment to this market.’ Perriard concluded.

YTL Corporation Berhad Group Managing Director Tan Sri (Dr.) Francis Yeoh said, ‘Starhill Gallery is continuously on the lookout for dynamic and niche brands to offer its loyal customers; brands that offer something different, something qualitative, something unique. HYT is that and we welcome them to the family and look forward to further innovations and amazing developments from the Hydro Mechanical Horologists in the years to come.’

Boutique inauguration on 4 February 2016

HYT inaugurated its boutique launch on 4 February 2016 with a cocktail reception in the presence of Tan Sri (Dr.) Francis Yeoh, Group Managing Director of YTL Corporation Berhad.

More than 60 guests including rising young star Hannah Lo, who presided over the event as MC, gathered at the boutique to raise their glasses in support of HYT’s most recent achievement!

Please visit HYT’s boutique on UG 19 Adorn Floor, Starhill Gallery, 181 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur


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H2 Tradition: HYT’s retro contemporary U-turn

"We have always said that we would never create a classic piece. Having said that, this is exactly what we've done!"

Vincent Perriard, HYT's CEO, loves nothing better than exploring the brand's vast capacity for expression. From its very beginnings, the brand has blazed new trails, experimenting, creating, inventing... Its driving force — innovation — has propelled all its models to greater heights than anyone could have imagined. And now, HYT has reached the very summit. From this tempting viewpoint, how could HYT not cast a contemplative eye over three centuries of watchmaking?

"Fluid innovation is, and will remain, in our DNA", continues Vincent Perriard, "but this doesn't prevent us from playing around with the codes of traditional watchmaking. Fun, experimentation, the joy of surprise: after all, that's what we do best!".


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The very new Skull Maori

Vincent perriard, HYT CEO, gets straight to the point – the skull, hyt’s new extraordinary and unprecedented creation, breaks all the rules.

When asked what the driving force behind the creation of the skull maori was, hyt art director xavier casals discussed the desire to further emphasise the skull shape of the piece by using a rare and traditional hand engraving, a beautiful metier d’art. Casals added that the use of the maori tribal tattoo, often associated with a skull, was another integral part to the concept.

For the skull collection, the glass tube is bent into the shape of a skull, and the level of complexity skyrockets because of the eight bends needed to create the skull. Normally, when a tube is bent, the inside diameter is reduced, restricting the flow of the liquid (think of a kink in a garden hose, for example). To avoid this occurring, hyt had to find a solution to counteract this reduction so as not to affect the precision of the watch. Hyt’s engineers worked together with glassblowers to fully understand how glass works, how it responds to heat, speed, angles and gravity. Thanks to mastering these factors, the brand’s engineers were able to reduce this undesirable effect to a minimum.


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Discover the H4 Metropolis – The Movie

Watch the video and discover the H4 Metropolis and this light system!

The generator has been nestled between 4 and 5 o'clock. It is invisible, and activated by the push-piece located opposite on the case middle. The process is broadly that of a dynamo: converting mechanical power into light energy. It is the rotation of the push-piece at 4:30 that winds the generator. Pressure on this same push-piece then activates the two LEDs which bathe the Metropolis in a soft blue light.

The H4 Metropolis will be released as a run of 100 pieces with a titanium and DLC case and a black rubber base with integrated NOMEX© canvas strap, available from October 27 2015 previously at Colette in Paris and worldwide from mid-November.


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HYT bathes its H4 in light

The H4 Alinghi is the world's first watch dynamo converting mechanical power into light to read the time even in the dark.

Innovation within tradition, the DNA of haute horlogerie, the movement heritage, and so on: forget it all. HYT does things its own way, and discards these received ideas. Need a known quantity to hang on to? Good news: the H4 Alinghi tells the time. As for the rest, you will need to forget anything that has been seen, designed, or even imagined before now.


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With an already imposing name, the H2 Aviator is the first time HYT creates a timepiece destined for aviation lovers which each step of its concept designed to satisfy aeronautical codes. The H2 Aviator isn't simply an evolution, it is a true transformation of HYT's iconic H2 launched in 2013, a piece easily distinguishable by its 'V' shaped positioned bellows.


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HYT will hit the SIHH 2016 !

We are really thrilled and honored to announce that the « Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie » has invited HYT to join the SIHH, which will take place in Geneva next January 18–22, 2016.

After only 2 years of activities, HYT continues its development and join the most prestigious Watch Show in the world. HYT is – of course – preparing an incredible creative year full of fluids and mechanical surprises !



In February, HYT announced its partnership with the RC44 Championship Tour, created in 2007 by the legendary Russell Coutts, 5 times winner of the America's Cup.

"For this occasion, we needed a piece that of course leveraged on our fluid technology but also ensured the performance and the lightness of a monocoque." says HYT CEO Vincent Perriard.

The H1 AIR RC44 movement is covered by a sapphire dial, another first for HYT. The part of the dial covering the bellows remains transparent to allow an unobstructed view of the heart of the watch. On this timepiece, the sapphire dial is adorned with a applied chapter made of a single piece of carbon, evoking the ultra perfectionist structures of racing monocoques. This H1's architecture designed in stratum, firstly with the movement, then the sapphire dial and then finally the applied chapter, allowed us to integrate new depths and a different volume and richness to the piece. Limited edition of 22 pieces.


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HYT Clinches ‘Favourite Mens Watch Award’ At Kuala Lumpur’s A Journey Though Time VIII with its limited edition H1 Dracula!

Independent Swiss luxury watch brand HYT goes from strength to strength in S.E. Asia as its best selling H1 Dracula DLC steals the show at Starhill Gallery’s A Journey Through Time VIII.

Switzerland, 1 December 2014 – HYT’s very popular H1 Dracula DLC was named winner of The Favourite Mens Watch Award during the prestigious A Journey Through Time VIII, 21-28 November 2014.

The award winners were selected by an international panel of five expert judges, including Dr. Bernard Chong who has presided over both the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie and the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie. Announced during the 28 November closing grand gala dinner, the Prize lauded the Dracula’s daring use of fluids and mechanics in the same watch and striking masculine design.

Launched in September 2014, HYT’s limited edition H1 Dracula DLC was inspired by the unforgettable 19th century vampire legend and incorporates an unstructured red fluid on the dial and red veins on a sleek black alligator strap. Its 48.8mm titanium black DLC case has brushed, shot-peened and satin-finished surfaces. It has a mechanical HYT calibre hand-wound movement, 65-hour power reserve, hand-chamfered bridges and is adorned with côtes de Genève, rhodiumed bellows.

The Dracula is one of HYT’s 20 ground breaking models and representative of the brand’s determination to break with classical watch-making traditions with highdisruptive high-technology concepts.

Launched in 2012 The Hydro Mechanical Horologists revolutionised the horlogical market with the use of game changing fluid technology that unites mechanics and liquid within a wristwatch. The use of hydro mechanics was a first ever in the watch industry and HYT was the winner of the 2012 Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prize, Best innovative Watch Concept (Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve).

2 years on and HYT has more than 50 points of sale wordwide. In the last 6 weeks HYT opened HYT Asia in Singapore, the brand’s first (non-retail) subsidiary to cater to the pressing demand coming from collectors in the region. This was followed by the launch of a commercial partnership with retail giant Time International for an exclusive distribution of its time pieces in Indonesia. HYT opened its first boutique in South East Asia in

November in Kuala Lumpur’s Starhill Gallery.

HYT CEO Vincent Perriard announced ‘we are extremely happy to have won the Favourite Mens Award. We know our watches ignite great interest and great passion in just about everyone we meet but competition was fierce!’ Perriard added ‘I got to meet a lot of collectors at the opening of HYT’s store in Kuala Lumpur and although I wasn’t surprised by the sophistication of collectors I was surprised by the consistent level of interest in our time pieces I encountered. Starhill Gallery Boutique is a great addition to the HYT family and will remain central to our development in S. E Asia’.

Collectors and Friends can visit the HYT Boutique at the Adorn Floor, Starhill Gallery, 181 Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.


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