H1.0 : Active. Energized. Impactful.

Science teaches that collisions are about interactions and rarely an accident. The H1.0 collection by HYT creates a beautiful space in which mechanical horology and fluid technology collide with each other constructively. As the intricate movement and multi-layer bellows join forces, time literally gains momentum. The family consists of four models.

Viewed from any angle it takes an architectural approach to visualizing the passage of time, placing the present in the context of the past and future, using liquids. Even the side-view of the watches tell the story of time’s passage via cut-out digits embedded in the deep grooves of the case’s exterior. Positive energy emerges from a series of visible tensions, such as the shaping of the steeply curved case and the clipped lines of the bellows’ extractors. The result is four timepieces that showcase the injection of physical energy into a patented fluidic module.

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