About HYT

A mission for perpetual innovation

HYT is now ushering in a whole new expression of the art of time measurement: the Haute Horlogerie 4.0. As an independent and atypical Swiss watchmaking house, HYT has been developing a unique and innovative approach to fine watchmaking since its creation in 2012, based on its exclusive mechanical-fluidic technology. Marriage of science and tradition, this innovation allows a mechanical movement to drive a minute hand in a conventional manner and pressurize fluorescent fluids to indicate the hours in a retrograde manner through a system of capillary tubes 10,000 times more waterproof than the case of a usual diving watch.

Outstanding technical features are put at the service of an unlimited creativity, carried by a daring and surprising design.
Thanks to the mechanical-fluidic technology and a powerful design, HYT is a link between eternity and modernity, performance and emotion, science and dreams. To wear a HYT watch is to make the choice of the future today.

The principle

Two flexible reservoirs with a capillary attached at each end. in one, a coloured liquid; in the other, a transparent one. keeping them apart is the repulsion force of the molecules in each fluid. the two reservoirs at 06:00 also referred to as bellows are made of a highly resistant, flexible alloy.
Watchmaking is used to activate the system via a piston that drives the bellow on the left (the active bellow). When the active below is compressed, the second expands, and vice versa, resulting in the movement of the liquids in the capillary. as the hours go by, the coloured liquid advances.

The meniscus marks the separation point between the two liquids, indicating the hour. at 06:00, the coloured liquid moves backwards, returning to its original position in what is known as a ‘rewind’.

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