Heroes of Your Time

HYT introduces

Heroes of Your Time

Guided by their dreams, the Heroes of Your Time are pionneers.

Hailing from the Planet Earth, they are on a journey to the stars.

Ready to explore new universes, they know that the future, idealised by many generations, is now within their reach.

For Heroes of Your Time, the independent Swiss watchmaking company designs and produces extraordinary watches using its exclusive command of mecafluidic technology.

Resonating with space and the conquest of new worlds, the new Heroes of Your Time campaign is based directly on the HYT acronym, and for the first time defines what these three letters stand for.

Visionaries, looking for new watchmaking experiences related to both technique and aesthetics, the Heroes of Your Time look towards the future and choose a HYT watch because these innovative timepieces, inspired directly by space conquest and structured around a bold and evocative design, open an untraveled path, full of promise for the future of humanity. They propel luxury watchmaking towards all the possibilities promised by the new millennium, pushing the technical limits.

Revitalising the most cutting-edge techniques, HYT watches carry on and multiply the permanent search for innovation in the art of measuring the passage of time, combining science and tradition, technology and aesthetics, performance and emotion.

Wearing an HYT watch today is making a choice for the future. It is the choice to join the community of Heroes of Your Time right now.

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