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#HYTNovelty : H1 Antoine Griezmann – H4 Panis-Barthez Competition

#HYTNovelty : H1 Antoine Griezmann – H4 Panis-Barthez Competition

"To choose HYT is to choose a watchmaker which transcends disciplines and generations", explains Grégory Dourde, CEO of HYT. "Our starting point is always people and the emotions which our creations evoke. Antoine Griezmann and Panis-Barthez Compétition were simultaneously drawn to HYT, almost in unison. We are incredibly proud to count such great sporting talents among our fans and we would like to show our gratitude by creating a HYT limited edition especially for them".

The H1 Antoine Griezmann reflects all the qualities of its namesake: sporty, elegant, and technically outstanding. The timepiece is kitted out in white and blue, the athlete's two favourite colours. The fluid time display system is a nod to his 'energy gauge'.

The H4 Panis-Barthez Competition is a high-tech timekeeping instrument which delivers outstanding performance in all environments, both day and night. The centre of the watch expresses all the power of the endurance racing world, by picking up the colours of the steering wheels on their cars.

H1 Antoine GriezmannH4 Panis-Barthez Compétition