H2 Watch Collection

Earning its place in the sphere of high-end watchmaking by turning utopia into reality, HYT is continuing its all-encompassing quest for hybridisation of its Swiss luxury watches with the HYT H2 watch. the perfect alliance between high-end watchmaking and fluid mechanics, the H2 watch was born of a vision shared by the Hydro Mechanical Horologists and the APRP Team (Audemars Piguet Renaud et Papi) overseen by Giulio Papi.


With the H2 watch, the entire architecture of the hybrid movement of luxury watches has been redesigned. Deconstructed, it coexists, integrates, encloses the bellows, and the system of feelers, cams and pistons. In a hydro mechanical watch, these are not just aesthetic elements, but rather key components. In terms of performance, the double barrel, visible through the back of the luxury Swiss watch, offers an 8-day power reserve and the force required to orchestrate this mechanical feat.