H1 Watch Collection

An encounter between fine watchmaking and fluid mechanics. One might say these Swiss luxury watches are a utopia. Shattering all certainties, steamrollering conformity, the idea that led to the HYT H1 watch was simple and consisted of two flexible reservoirs fixed to each end of a capillary. In one was an aqueous liquid filled with fluorescein, and in the other, a transparent viscous liquid. To keep them separate: the repulsive force of the molecules in each liquid, with a meniscus to mark the boundary between the two.


The two reservoirs at 06:00. while the first compresses, the second expands, and the other way round, resulting in the movement of the liquid in the capillary. As the hours go by, the fluorescent liquid advances. The meniscus, in the shape of a half moon, marks the breaking point with the other fluid in the tube, indicating the time. at 18:00, the fluorescent liquid of this luxury watch comes back to its original position, going backwards.