An expected renaissance and a long-term development of the brand has thus been ensured by a Swiss companyy.
“I am delighted to take over the lead of this magnificent brand. HYT has brought a new dimension to the watchmaking industry via ground-breaking innovation, which clearly positions it as the maverick of luxury watchmaking for the new Millennium. We are already working to continue to fulfil this promise of perpetual innovation, to win back watchmaking aficionados, as well as collectors, and to push the existing technical limits by creating a new pleasure in wearing a luxury watch. A pleasure combining with “mastery” mechanical virtuosity, liquid displays and cutting-edge design”, says Davide Cerrato, the new CEO of HYT.


For HYT, technology is the stuff that dreams are made of. Dreaming of visibly linking the past, present and future and of defying gravity set the bar high. Today’s reality is a watch that breaks new scientific ground, measuring time’s passage with a patented fluidic module that took 15 years of inspiration to develop.